Nine lives &quot network; the red cat won the praise of Spacey ” ” funny than &quot zhongguorentiyishu

"Nine people": " network; red cat "   won the praise of Spacey; " funny than " dad very warm heart   culture original title: Spacey and the red cat are impeccable acting God "nine lives" fantasy comedy film preview "nine life" will be on September 9th officially landing the domestic cinema. Yesterday, the film held in Guangzhou, the media will see the film. The film funny stories and lack of warmth echoed, Oscar and Golden Globe Award double winner Kevin? Spacey’s playfully cheap adorable meow star who is Mr. Maoku no suspense circle powder, not only Spacey himself acting for praise, outstanding performance in the film the cat also makes the film laughter, there are a lot of the audience said watching the film "fully occupied," particularly want to go to a cat". The tears of Spacey funny than dad very warm heart movie is as overbearing president of the actor Tom Brandt? Usually in order to work almost regardless of family, in her birthday to buy a cat for her daughter, suddenly in a spell into a cat as a pet, the home into general turmoil and make a series of hilarious slapstick stories. The double winner Kevin? Spacey’s adorable contrast is a big attraction. In other work has always been gloomy restrained him, in the film to subvert the image into a base of this adorable meow star who can sell the best funny, adorable. When not turned before, he is also a proud and a little funny than the overbearing president, office area will be covered with a variety of promotional photos, their open conference will choose to jump such a cool appearance, quite a contrast of laughter". Of course, Spacey is still the God given impeccable acting, will the president handed arrogant attitude and playfully turned to the base after the meow star people, as his father’s adorable warm heart touching, most incisive interpretation. The film directed by Barry, in addition to the usual humorous funny humor, in fact, also tells a story about the warm heart of the family, Sonnenfeld. Kevin in the film was originally a workaholic, completely disregard the feelings of his family, the last wife even said, with his divorce that day is very happy to be very happy, Spacey". But after becoming a cat, he had time to accompany his wife and daughter, only to see the needs of the family. He takes the cat’s identity, with her daughter playing ball, do homework, in the lonely when his wife keep silence beside her, a while but somewhat playfully funny than the meow dad, he and his daughter, dancing in the cat shop with his son with the parachute scene so many viewers moved to tears. Some people in the comments bluntly: the kind of feeling is very warm, a few places I can not help but tears." Adorable "Maoku" playfully base in addition to Spacey’s "quite adorable pet contrast adorable meow star people", in this base also let the audience very adorable by the fall, this is called "Mr. Maoku" network red cat contributed most of the bursting point. Because the trapped is overbearing President Tom, Mr. Maoku not only has a high cold playfully Tom, also has the human mind and soul. When he returned home, in order to prove their host identity in front of his family, it has tried to write, circle mark, left)相关的主题文章: