New song final coming to Jay Chou show Scotland

"The new song" Jay Chou dance show in Scotland is approaching the final Sina entertainment news 20 tonight, Zhejiang satellite TV to "new song" Chinese finals will be broadcast live at the Beijing National Stadium "bird’s nest". Yang, Wang Chenrui, Jiang Dunhao,, and the United States and the United States will be the impact of the championship to the impact of the. The competition system, four instructors and their students will sing a song, and then by the six students completed their personal show, the audience voted by two students become the champion candidates. Two of the top candidate of their interpretation of a song by the audience and 81 professional judges decide the championship final. To sing and dance and a Jay Chou show Scotland dance in the finals, Jay Chou again chose their two song from ocean to interpretation. In the choral repertoire, the two selected Jay Chou’s earlier works, "double stick". And before long rap rash and too much in haste, the chorus version of "shuangjiegun" do make snap adaptations, first joined to the ocean at the harmonica SOLO as the opening, and then let the ocean "in the interlude to the harmonica with flying Bbox", while playing harmonica, send Bbox to this sound. The ocean is not a small challenge. In addition to the ventriloquist, Yang will also be the first attempt to rap, although little space, the first attempt to have a kind of mold. With other students in the habit of standing on the stage singing set different from foreign interpretation of the song "shuangjiegun" can be described as "ran over Taiwan", he will be in the song and his mentor Jay Chou show a Scotland dance, the two day dress outfit is expecting. In the main show links to ocean will interpret Jay Chou’s classic ballad "the longest film", this version will be more fit to the western ocean background music, B music, singing into R&, behind the big screen will continue to flash "Roman holiday", "Titanic" and other classic love the film, playing the nostalgia card. Before the game, Jay Chou took his students to the champion Yang came to Taiwan, directed the shooting VCR. In the film, Jay Chou took to the ocean often came to his place for students signing will be held up, and also to the ocean in the coffee shop to do this cup of coffee to celebrate a victory, full of confidence. It is understood that not only to the ocean in the mainland has many fans, in their hometown is also rising popularity, Singapore Prime Minister in foreign social networking sites has publicly expressed his support, while Singapore country Members in an interview, also very appreciated the efforts he made for the Singapore and Chinese music development and contribution. Xu Geyang shrugged off Jiang Dunhao and the master teacher Niang blessing on the war, the Corps also came to the stage of wildly beating gongs and drums. Wang Feng has always been known for rigorous and meticulous [micro-blog] teacher for their own students are also required to a higher level, the rehearsal of the brigade of the Department of nowhere to reveal the meticulous care of Wang Feng. For every intonation, every emotion processing students, Wang Feng teachers have their guidance, not every detail he even personally sit on the mixer, when the tuner. In the main show link, Jiang Dunhao is still a continuation of the previous folk style.相关的主题文章: