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"New Oriental Shenwa" issued the pilot notice Wafeng baby dragon blood return – Dragon Wafeng entertainment Sohu EVA Shenwa "regression" new blood "New Oriental" stills Shenwa stills entertainment Sohu directed by Yin Xiaodong animation film "New Oriental Shenwa" recently released the pilot notice, notice of the Dragon Wafeng baby blood return, a battle of wits Yong cry at the big devil was magical. At the same time, the national day of the film file, to celebrate the birth of the 10 anniversary of the birth of God. Reproduce the classic IP big screen domestic original animation legendreturns "Oriental God Doll" is the 2005 broadcast on CCTV children’s channel 52 episode original animated cartoon, "the legend of Nezha" is the second after a CCTV pushing Myth theme animation series, a high ratings domestic original animation 7.2% and winning domestic cartoons record and CCTV children’s ratings winner. So far the "Oriental God Doll" network click on more than 100 million, covering 90 million fans. 2006 "Oriental God Doll" works are exported to overseas countries, audio-video products amounted to about 500000 sets, to create revenue about 30000000. To become the first in the history of the original profitable original animation works. This time, as the "New Oriental cartoon companion Shenwa" topped the big screen, will set off a wave of nostalgia. Trailer Chinese strong wind director painstaking creation of the whole life long Wafeng baby in the trailer for the exposure of the blood in the back, and the devil wits fight scenes of passion, dragon fist appearance with BGM sound, while for the dark passion, depict the role is in place, and also from the cartoon snake demon evolved completely turned the ultimate boss, showing strong vitality and willpower, energetic and very heroism and inspirational colors. The style and color of the film screen has a strong China wind, when the background music sounded, my heart frozen "small universe" ignited, heart with Wafeng shouted "baby dragon dragon fist", winner, excited. At the same time, the film scene design aesthetic scale, so that the audience has a strong sense of substitution. "God EVA" father of director Yin Xiaodong, engaged in the domestic animation industry more than 20 years has been devoted to the creation of "Oriental God Doll", he will Shenwa as their children in general attention, continue to create the most China style of Oriental animation efforts. "New Oriental Shenwa" this animated film is the new development of the original spirit of the film based on the story, the story revolves around the "world magic lamp" the survival and the life and death of the "goddess", launched a touching story of dragon Shenwa save mother. "Oriental God Doll" will be held October 4th National release.相关的主题文章: