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NBA old photos: Kobe double lore hate Nash embrace the abuse of police inventory Kobe ten most unbelievable goals Wen Deqing NBA can hit lore ball people probably a lot, but to complete the "double winner" is one of the few. The so-called "double winner", refers to a ball into the equaliser before the end of normal time, the game into overtime, and in overtime and complete lore. But mention "double lore, a battle is the most classic way in 2006 the first round of the playoffs fourth games, then the Lakers in the home court against the sun, Kobe used two unbelievable lore ball beat the sun. Today we share with you the Tencent of Kobe sports original column "NBA old photographs" this "double winner" performance. In 2006, Kobe sent the most classic double winner filed sun, the fans are very miss de Anthony era, when the sun’s "gun tactics" swept the union, and the 2005-06 season, the strongest is the sun de Anthony era of the season, when they played the season 54 wins and 28 losses record in the regular season, winning percentage as high as 65.9%, row in the West second. And when the Lakers season is still in the trough, with 45 wins and 37 negative record row in the west of the seventh. Then, in 2006 the first round of the playoffs, and the Lakers sun territories, in the first three games, the Lakers leading 2-1 in the sun. The fourth game was held in Los Angeles home court Staples Center, if the Lakers win the game, you will get from the Western Conference semifinals match point, one step closer, after leaving O’neal, Kobe has been looking forward to lead the Lakers to success; and if the sun won the game, then the series will enter the battle of King Mountain however, because the sun will undoubtedly have home court advantage, take the initiative. The game is in a stalemate situation from the start, until the fourth quarter with 7.9 seconds remaining, the Lakers are still 2 points behind the sun, and control the last attack the ball, which means that the Lakers need to foul tactics, and the sun as long as the guarantee that no mistakes, to the last laugh. Unfortunately, Nash after the ball hit double what Sima – Parke successfully steals Nash, German – George got the ball, the ball forward to Kobe, "black mamba" using fake to fool Raja Baer, then shot to tie the game, only 0.7 seconds left to the sun. Kobe managed to score, he had to thank the "death" of Sima. Parke, though he never looked on "death", but without him, Kobe could not finish the record magic layup. As a result, Kobe tightly hugged the Sima – – – -, has been praised each other, "well done," said mr.". The sun in the bench, Marion, Barbosa et al. Dull eyes, they did not expect, in the 2 point lead and dominate the ball under the sun, let the Lakers scored the equaliser. Overtime three points, Nash once made the Lakers an impasse, although Kobe’s singles will be reduced to 1 points difference, but the sun still occupy the initiative, because they control the ball, and there was only the last 11.7 seconds. But this time, Nash once again to the "gifts", he was dribbling to the front, Odom Luke suffered a clip bag – Walton and Lamar – and eventually had to scramble for the ball depends on the way.相关的主题文章: