Nanyang, Xiangyang do Zhu Geliang Cultural Festival, experts say the two sides fight orthodox is sho whereisip

Nanyang of Xiangyang to host the "Zhu Geliang Cultural Festival" experts say the two is short-sighted for orthodox – Sohu culture channel 2016 Zhu Geliang cultural tourism festival will be held in Nanyang, Wollongang, the local official propaganda posters. Network screenshot May 19, 2014, three cultural scenic area Xiangyang Gurung arch, Zhu Geliang costume actors are performing for visitors. Xiangyang officials insisted the territory of "uplift", is Zhu Geliang gonggeng. Figure one thousand and eight hundred years after the death of China, Zhu Geliang once again become the focus. In August this year, Henan City, Nanyang publicly announced, will be held from September 28th to October 7th China? Nanyang 2016 Zhu Geliang Cultural Tourism Festival ", the main venue for Nanyang Wollongang, the local had repeatedly stated publicly, here is Zhu Geliang Hill’s retreat. Henan, Nanyang, the high-profile publicity, causing dissatisfaction in the neighborhood of Hubei, Xiangyang. Xiangyang municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department publicly questioned the legitimacy of the Zhu Geliang memorial activities held in Nanyang, the title of the article is that its "Li Gui". In an interview with the Beijing News reporter, the event will be the venue in Nanyang, Niu Hongcheng, director of the office of the museum, said the festival is not dominated by the government, did not participate in investment. A staff member of the Xiangyang propaganda office, said the above, hoping that the two future can shelve disputes, common development of tourism resources. Li Kui and Li Gui for "war", by an article from WeChat. At the beginning of August this year, Nanyang local media have said the publication of the manuscript, the CPC Nanyang Municipal Committee, Nanyang Municipal People’s government decided in September 28th to October 7th this year, will be held in Nanyang China Wollongang Wuhou Temple Nanyang 2016 Zhu Geliang Cultural Tourism Festival?". On this festival held the reason, the local media described as "the great spirit further Zhu Geliang" gave the last "learning, diligent and honest thoughts of Zhu Geliang." Previously, the Nanyang municipal government has been through a number of media platforms will sound, located in Nanyang County in Wollongang, identified as Zhu Geliang before coming to seclusion. Beijing News reporter noted that as early as 2010, Nanyang official in Wollongang will be defined as "Zhu Geliang Gonggeng to ten years". And 140 kilometers away, Hubei Xiangyang sit still. In August 18th, WeChat, "Han Xiangyang" published an article, the behavior of the Henan Nanyang to be questioned. This article will do a "Zhu Geliang Cultural Festival: Li Kui and Li Gui, how to get along? "The article said, Zhu Geliang Gonggeng in Gurung, in present-day Xiangyang, as claimed by Nanyang Wollongang. The article listing Xiangyang once held the Zhu Geliang Culture Tourism Festival "," we respect the activities of the Xiangyang how to run to go elsewhere to do ", and alludes to Nanyang’s Li Gui Festival"". Beijing News reporter noted, "Xiangyang River" Department of Xiangyang municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department official WeChat, had previously issued several articles promoting Xiangyang Zhu Geliang culture". A hundred years ago began to argue, in fact, Xiangyang and Nanyang, "Zhu Geliang controversy", a long time. Beijing News reporter noted that as early as 1993 Qi相关的主题文章: