Mourinho was hit in the face! Vangall had to stop United 30 million smuggled goods to

Mourinho was hit in the face! Vangall had blocked the 30 million United mkhitaryan only joined the smuggled goods wasted in the Old Trafford bench time sina sports worth up to 100 million pounds from Geba since joining United, the overall performance is disappointing, but the French king has a huge market appeal, united in him huge capital investment, by virtue of powerful the market operation to earn back. But another player handles the Laiou and not so good luck, the former king of the Bundesliga has now been Mourinho abandoned. The head of the 42 million 500 thousand euros a huge transfer fee, mkhitaryan in ordered agent Raiola with Dortmund Club torn, the latter then put him in the Premier League landing. However, so far the Armenia star in the United squad’s performance can only be described as bad, 9 League zhanba only a start, also played only 45 points, the cumulative Premier League playing time only 107 minutes, have to say, the United Howard hit is a failure. From "the independent" of the news, in fact Mourinho’s predecessor, Van Gaal, predicted this is a failure, so Van Gaal reinforcements during the tenure, the Dutch hand blocked the sale of M F Kobita Liang, he thinks M F Kobita Liang is bound to repeat the mistakes of Kagawa Shinji, it is difficult to stand at Old Trafford, so several times Raiola dismissed the broker recommended. But that changed, after Van Gaal left for the coach team, Manchester, eventually under Mourinho fudge to buy the "smuggled goods", has become the Premier League this season most failed signing. "I don’t know if my transfer fee is 38 million or $40 million. That’s not my concern. I haven’t got the time to play. So I have to work hard in training and win my place at Manchester united. As a matter of fact, I never felt like I was able to play all the games, depending on the tactics and the opponents. But I always try my best to help the team." When M F Kobita Liang spoke of his situation, he said. (Alduin)相关的主题文章: