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Disability Hives are short term itchy rashes that could appear and disappear quickly, generally within 24 hours. Sometimes hives would reappear at different spots on the skin. They are considered to be chronic if they last for over a month. Hives sometimes could be.e more serious and cause breathing problems. In some cases, people who develop hives have a severe allergic reaction which requires medical attention. There are some effective hives treatments by which this skin problem can be cured. Generally, hives rash are red, smooth and itchy spots on the skin that look like welts or mosquito bites. They are flat topped and slightly raised on the skin, and could vary in size from small to quite large, covering a good portion of the body. In many cases, hives would disappear on own; however you should get medical attention if they dont improve after a few days or else if you would get new hives after some time. The best treatment for hives is to discover your hives causes, and to eradicate them from your daily life. Some possible causes of hives are: Food allergies, infections, medications Insect bites Exposure to allergy producing substances like latex Chemicals added to foods, house hold cleaning products, skin care and personal care products Excessive hot or cold temperatures. Hot water for some people can cause hives Generally you will develop hives within a few minutes or hours, if you are allergic to a specific food. If you are allergic to a medication, it may take weeks to cure hives. Hives treatment If you are unable to find the causes of hives, then the best way is to try some home remedies for it. These could bring some relief from itching and redness and help the body to re-balance itself. The best approach to keep away any kind of chronic skin problem is to eat a healthy diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Many people with sensitive skin cannot cope up with environmental changes thus resulting in breaking of their skin. Reducing exposure to chemicals in the food and your skin care products, there is less chance of the body breaking out into hives. Some more treatments are: You can use cubes of ice to relieve itching An oatmeal bath could be soothing and reduce the redness and itching of hives Avoid foods or substances that causes hives Wear loose fitting clothing Avoid hot baths or showers, direct sunlight and excessive sweating Relax and reduce your stress levels. If you can follow all the above procedures and take care of your skin in a proper way, you can always prevent yourself from this skin problem. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: