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3D received payment to pull the black glasses shop owner cheated about 200000 new network – life daily news October 8th 3D glasses shop, he received a purchase after the buyers will pull the black. The day before, Longjiang County Public Security Bureau, which lasted 70 days, cracked a telecommunications fraud. In June this year, Longjiang County Yang VR-BOX glasses are very popular in the mobile phone can watch 3D movies, the market price of 80 yuan, that is a business, then contact the seller in an online shopping mall, with the QQ, the seller promised to send it as a sample, see the sample good Yang through bank transfer, the seller has to pay one hundred thousand yuan of money, but after receipt of payment, the seller is off the mobile phone, QQ will also pull the black. Yang immediately reported the matter. Longjiang County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade received a report, the suspect through mobile phone number and bank card account, to track their living in Shenzhen, and careful investigation, will eventually Shenzhen Fujian Wu and Wu Moumou (female) arrested. According to Wu confessed, he at the beginning of this year, the Internet to learn about telecommunications fraud "skills", then bought a good reputation shop began to cheat, fraud 13 (verified), involving more than 20 yuan. Currently, Wu, Wu Moumou has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. (Zhong Liang)相关的主题文章: