Monitoring real shot man into the store during the day in less than 3 minutes walk along the

Monitoring real shot: man into the store during the day in less than 3 minutes walk along the computer (Figure) – Beijing during peaceful times, a middle-aged man walked into a store come swaggeringly street, the owner will be put on the desk notebook computer stolen, the whole process less than 3 minutes. He did not expect, the store surveillance cameras to do everything he made a clear shot down. In August 24th, the owner Lee told the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter, his shop is located in the vicinity of the street of new world garden district. On the same day due to a number of things on the business to guard him ready to open the notebook computer data transfer. But looking for the right to find the left is not found, usually placed in the middle of the table DELL laptop is gone." He felt very strange, let the staff transfer of the store’s surveillance video. Video display, 22, 11:30, a 45 year old man came into the shop, I saw him wearing a stylish white blouse and trousers, carrying a famous man bag, a little bald, elbow with portfolio. After entering the shop and see no one around, he quickly put the table in the center of the laptop on the chest, and with a file bag cover, look around to see no one, straight out of the shop. The whole process, less than 3 minutes. "The computer itself is not worth a few dollars, but the information in the computer is very important, including the company’s external accounts for a long time, there are many customer information. These data once lost, will cause irreparable loss to the company." Lee said, I hope the man who can go to the computer to return the computer, but also hope that people call the newspaper news hotline 96009-1 provide clues. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Tang Kuiyang reporter Shen Sheng相关的主题文章: