Ministry of Foreign Affairs Somali pirates hijacked a Chinese fishing boat crew rescued-baxia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Somali pirates hijacked a fishing boat rescued Chinese crew members – Sohu news: it is understood that the Somali pirates hijacked the NAHAM3 fishing boat crew rescued. Please describe the specific circumstances. Answer: in March 2012, Oman from Taiwan fishing vessel "NAHAM3" hijacked by Somali pirates, 29 crew members on board, including 10 mainland compatriots and 2 compatriots in Taiwan, there are 17 crew members from Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kampuchea. In the meantime, including 1 mainland compatriots, including Taiwan compatriots, including 3 crew members died in the accident. After various efforts, Beijing time on October 22, 2016, the surviving 26 crew members were rescued safely, and in the United Nations to assist the relevant agencies arrived in Kenya on the 23. The Chinese government sent a working group to meet the Chinese crew rescued. To do a good job placement, physical examination, psychological counseling work, rescued Chinese compatriots will work in the Ministry of foreign affairs Escort Group as soon as possible to return to the motherland, and family reunion. In this regard, the Chinese government to all involved in the rescue of institutions and staff to express my sincere gratitude, but also to express their heartfelt blessing to the rescued crew. At the same time, after the death of the 3 sailors were killed, said the heavy mourning for their families to extend their deepest condolences to the pirates to ignore the cruel dignity of life condemned strongly.相关的主题文章: