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Milan: Montella looking after the reorganization of defense for VacA broke three ball shortage – Sohu of Beijing sports in October 30th 22, 2016-17 season of Serie A eleventh round match at San Siro, AC Milan in the home court against Pescara. Experience the joy of victory over Juventus, Milan also experiences a fall feeling, 0-3 lost to Genoa, presumably a lot of people can not imagine. But Milan is still in the standings of the top four, if adjust good state, the team will usher in a wave of wins, against Pescara, the Rossoneri have opportunity to grab points. History in the history of AC, Milan and Pescara two teams with 12 times against the record in the league, Milan achieved 11 wins and 1 losses slash two teams on the meeting dates back to the 2012-13 season in Serie A, Balotelli had two goals, two assists Robinho. One point: Milan hope to regain the victory rhythm in the ninth round of Serie A, Milan 1-0 defeat of Juventus, the team even in the middle of the week saw a brief hope that the summit. But in the tenth round, they lost 0-3 to Genoa, which surprised many people. In fact, this also shows that the performance of the Milan team is not stable, tactical play is not mature. In the face of Pescara, which is almost one of Milan’s favorite League opponents, Montella is expected to allow the team to return to the winning track. Point two: Montella restructuring defender Paletta in the game against Genoa in the red as well, the game suspension, therefore, after the defense Montella will reorganize the team, in the absence of Paletta, Milan has two choices, can let Zapata and Rome gnoli partner, can also enable the summer signing Gustavo Gomes. In the context of the reorganization of the defense, Milan will have no small hidden dangers. Aspect three: when the Milan Baca score for the team to VacA undoubtedly charge into the enemy ranks, and since the start of the new season, Barca scored 6 goals, but in the last round of Serie A, the Columbia people Keliwushou, play a very general. Therefore, Milan needs the striker to break the goal drought, because this is the team to win the protection. Montella: we look forward to losing to Genoa to prove themselves, in the face of them, we know that the game will not be easy, but we did not expect to lose, and lost 0-3. We are proud that our team has improved and the fans are expecting us. To tell the truth, I saw the Pescara game, they did well, the offense and defense conversion is very good, so Milan need to focus, we need to stay focused. We cannot pass them, want to go directly to the next opponent, this is wrong, we need a good kick, all against Pescara. The first prediction: AC Milan (4-3-3): 99- Donnarumma; 20- Abate, 17- Zapata, 2- de Sileo, Oliver mani; 33- card, 73- 5- Bonaventura Kurtz Locatelli; 8-, 70-) Pakistan Suso相关的主题文章: