Men’s two lawsuit was dismissed his wife agreed to divorce the child into the

Men’s two lawsuit was dismissed by his wife agreed to divorce the illegitimate son of JINGWAH times (reporter Zhang Shuling), Wang Ning, aged 42, and Li Ping (both pseudonym) married for 15 years, her daughter is also a year old. I did not expect Wang Ning outside the third, but also with the third gave birth to a son. The first time to the court for divorce was dismissed after the Wang Ning once again filed for divorce. In order to preserve the family, Li Ping still did not agree to divorce, she even agreed to her husband with the third sons born. Reporters learned yesterday, Haidian court dismissed the appeal of Wang Ning’s divorce. Wang Ning claims that he and Li Ping met in 1996, and got a marriage certificate in February 22, 2001. After two years of marriage, daughter jade was born. Because the two are at first marriage, premarital know little, married hastily. After marriage, he found a large difference in personality between the two sides, there is no common language, the two old quarrel, Li Ping does not honor their parents. In July 31, 2015, marital discord on the grounds, Wang Ning to the Haidian court for divorce, but was rejected. Wang Ning believes that the judgment of not after the divorce, Li Ping still not repent, as family irresponsible, two people after no reconciliation is possible, it petitioned the court for divorce, custody of their daughter, Li Ping, to 1000 yuan per month alimony. In this regard, Li Ping does not agree to divorce. She said, two people from the middle school is free love, feeling good, the first time Wang Ning divorce petition was rejected, he returned to his own children and living expenses, so she thinks there are two feelings, "he had married in third, and third who gave birth to a boy, his father mother always want to grandson, I can accept this child, and give third to some compensation, in order to maintain the integrity of the family." Haidian court found that Wang Ning was dismissed for the first time to apply for divorce, the trial, he admitted that there is improper relationship between men and women. Li Ping identified, in October 12, 2015, Wang Ning and another woman’s children born in Beijing Shangdi Hospital. Haidian court held that, Wang Ning and Li Ping two people in the early years of self acquaintance, have certain emotional foundation, identified by the court, Wang Ning had an improper relationship with others, has violated the duty of loyalty to his wife, his behavior should be condemned, and the feelings of the two with responsibility. Although the court did not completely determine the Wang Ning and the third born son, but in the marriage as a fault, but the Wang Ning family trifles, personality differences on the grounds that the divorce, anti see Ms. Li Ping, who have a strong willingness to maintain the family, so the court should not be considered a complete rupture of the feelings of the two, it again rejected Wang Ning’s divorce sue. > > family trial lawyers analysis will add new functions to repair the family relationship of Beijing Tianchi Juntai law firm professional marriage family law lawyer Yang Xiaolin said, in the case of divorce, the plaintiff first filed for divorce and the defendant does not agree to divorce, the court will generally be rejected. If the plaintiff insisted sued for divorce, the general will bring second prosecution in 6 months after the case, regardless of whether the defendant agrees to divorce, the court will usually divorce, "to some extent, this has become an unspoken rule of divorce both sides understand". However, the rule of "the first time not to be sentenced to second times" is being changed. )相关的主题文章: