Mark photosynthesis first broadcast live share of the cloud letter transfer positive energy (video) mentalist

Mark’s first live broadcast of photosynthesis to share the power of the letter in the cloud [Abstract] every letter sent to me will be read, but will not reply, because you do not want to pressure on the relationship." Mark Mark: the "Golden Bell" competition of family background events motivate Tencent entertainment news this morning, Mark and launched its urban energy transfer project "Photosynthesis", in Canada for the first time live online, share the meaning of "Photosynthesis" project with everyone, and reading the letters, and friends to share the positive energy of photosynthesis. During the live broadcast, Mark read from the "four strangers letters thirty thousand feet of photosynthesis activity, from the little girl thought people strange and eccentric, teachers confused about occupation puzzled, but also on the friend bestie apology, Mark read, share their feelings of letters, and the writer give sincere response, discuss with friends how to live in the negative energy into positive energy, with action interpretation of" the true meaning of their photosynthesis ". "Send me every letter will be read, but not reply, because we don’t want to give the relationship to pressure," Mark said his side’s photosynthesis, "some will follow from the debut from the old fans, from their letter can see you grow up, this eight or nine years very comforting. In fact, this is a kind of photosynthesis." Coincides with the 25 days of this month is the birthday of Mark, tens of thousands of users with his online birthday.相关的主题文章: