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Man smoking on the bus does not want to hold a fire extinguisher spray driver (Figure) – smoking man sitting in the cab to the summer super jet powder. The bus surveillance video screenshot Washington (trainee reporter correspondent Sun Xiaotian Qin Lunbo) man on the bus passengers after smoking, be discouraged, actually angry, grab the car fire extinguisher to pull off the bus driver injection, also the key into the coin box. Yesterday morning at 11 and more, this chaotic scene occurred on the bus No. 709. Yesterday morning, the 709 bus driver Xia Chao drove from Lu Mill Road South to North Road in Qingshan District of mountain garden. In the fruit lake station, a more than and 20 year old young man on the car, not for a moment, suddenly heard the car in the summer there is a lighter sound, and then there are complaints from the passengers came. Through the rearview mirror to see, just get on the train in the young man smoking in the car. "Passengers in yellow T-shirts please note that no smoking in the car." Super summer immediately issued a reminder, but the man ignored, but become aggravated, sit to the side of the cab seat, in front of the summer over smoking. Taking advantage of the parking space, Xia Chao turned back to the car posted a "no smoking" logo again to discourage the man, the man actually responded: "I am short-sighted, not wearing glasses can not see." Near the car driving to the hospital, a more than and 50 year old master unbearable, stepped forward to discourage young men. Behold, the man suddenly grabbed the driver side of the fire extinguisher, unplug the safety latch, the threat of the passengers on board. Summer super worried about the accident, quickly stop, open the door to evacuate passengers. More than 20 passengers out of the car, the man still armed with fire extinguishers, arrogance to sitting in the car. Super summer came up and ready to persuade the man in front of him is a fierce spray, spray dry summer super eye, see not clear thing he hurried back off. "I dry my eyes and get on the bus again, and he’s sitting in the driver’s seat with the car keys in his hand." Xia Chao told the Wuhan evening news reporter: "I told him not to, he and I with a fire extinguisher spray, and put the car keys into the coin box." Super summer hastened to call the police, seeing the man holding a fire extinguisher to escape from the back of the car. Over the summer to stop, and many times by the injection, after the man carrying a fire extinguisher to the Han street off direction. At present, the police have been looking for the perpetrators through the retrieval of surveillance and monitoring system of city. Hubei Puming law firm Qiu Hua lawyers, as early as in 2004, China issued the "Regulations of the State Council on smoking is prohibited in public places". According to regulations, smoking is prohibited in public transport. Men on the bus smoking is illegal, citizens have the right to stop smoking, the bus driver as a bus manager, have the right to stop smoking, the right to report to the health administrative departments of their behavior. In addition, the man jet fire extinguisher, causing public panic, there may be personal injury to the public, in violation of the relevant provisions of the public security administration punishment law, the public security organs shall be punished according to law. [link] France to implement the smoking ban, there are more than 170 thousand cigarette police patrol in public places. These "cigarettes police" by the police, military police and army patrol.相关的主题文章: