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Luneng summarizes 2016: not successful 2017 strict build system –   sports Sohu Majiate; Ji’nan Qilu network November 4th news (reporter Xu Kaihua intern reporter Mou Xiaofeng Zhao Xianzhe) the Shandong Luneng Hainan tour, and the club level summary has not stopped. On the morning of 4, Luneng Sports Media Forum held smoothly, deputy general manager of Luneng Han Rong concluded that the sports culture of the company, last season, the club is the end of the "success", "fans are not satisfied, we are not satisfied with the results, is not successful, we have to do is to recognize the gap to catch up." A summary of the last season the club face gap: unsuccessful 9 wins 7 flat 14 negative, super ranked third in the 2016 season, Luneng has created the worst in team history ranking; at AFC Champions League stadium, the team reached the AFC Champions League 8, a season of ups and downs of the end, "from the beginning of winter, we started to build a team. The next season to build a new system of natural club." Speaking at Hainan tour, Han Rong, "we may also understand that now the players after training off the bus, often said ‘tired’ but hard training, the strength training methods, our goal is a physical, is the basis for everything, only high quality high quality training, confrontation and competition ability." Mid season, Luneng 10 points, ranking the last league first, when the team were in danger of relegation, because this event began as early as AFC Champions League fitness team, there are also some problems, "he arrives, let the team momentum has changed, the second half of the performance, we feel the time is passing, Majiate from time to time, he also said, hope to have even half a month of time, but it was really no time, fortunately, we finally completed the relegation, from Hainan tour began, his team for the reformation in an orderly manner." On the transformation of three will be fined Majiate future team rules more strict now look back at the open fire Han Rong said, Majiate, Majiate is not the team on a whim or patted his head on a coach, "coach is in contact with many club at the same time, there are plans to stay at home, then he can be the first time to the team., including foreign aid Pelle and Cisse’s arrival, is a professional team for a long time tracking……" Majiate led training has always been to "the devil", after his arrival, the team training intensity is gradually increased, according to the player back to the level change Majiate training intensity, scientific and reasonable arrangement of the training project, "as long as the players in training, the League will have the opportunity to come, including some of the players." He will come to the Paibingbuzhen according to the players, "the second half of the season, Qi Tianyu, Jin Jingdao, Li Songyi, relaxation, Tong Wang and others can enter the starting lineup, is no longer on the rest of the season a team to play the world. Majiate by rotation of personnel running the team, to know the team, this competition also makes the atmosphere changed." After the white horse, Luneng in the management team, no player enjoy privileges, which"相关的主题文章: