Lunar August 7th Tiantai Wuzu died on the purohita initiation

Lunar August 7th Tiantai Wuzu died on the purohita initiations chapter an (source: purohita empowerments Huihai Buddhist resources) in September 7, 2016, August 7th of the lunar calendar, is the death anniversary of kokushi initiation. Guanding Guoshi (561 ~ 632), the Sui Dynasty monk. Lay surnamed Wu, is near the sea Zhang’an (now Zhejiang sea) people. A monk, a word called initiations, Fayun, Chapter Master, chapter Anzun. The seven year old from the perturbation to the master monk Hui temple, at the age of twenty by the sangha. After Zheng Hui master passed away, master Chen after the main initiations in Southern Dynasties the first year (583), to repair the temple in Tiantai Mountain on the wise master, Cheng Xi teaching concept, then by the wise master. Suikai Huang seventeen years (597), the wise master died, master initiations Xian Gong Jin Wang Guang Feng relics, Jin Wang Qianguan returned to one. Later in the heart hueiji temple, said "China". Zhenguan six years died in August 7th seventy, life two, posthumous total respect. Chi Master initiations can lead to the solution was peerless, the wise master’s teachings, such as "China" "" "" the mystery "and set down Maha meditation, the size of more than 100 volumes by Zhi Department later, the wise master taught this fall, the whole battle Master initiations, later known as the Fifth East of tiantai. Master initiations wrote "Mahaparinirvana scripture" and "mystery Vol. two Sutra" thirty-three volumes, "the concept of heart Shu" volume five, "eight" a roll of teaching effect of Tiantai, "Sui" a biography of the wise master roof volume, "100 Guoqing recorded" four volumes, the above works are still retained in the world, "Ren Wang the private" three volumes, "Ren Wang Shu" volume four, have been lost. Tiantai, China Buddhist sect, because the founder Zhiyi (WISE) Master resident of Zhejiang Tiantai Mountain named, the main basis of doctrine of "Lotus Sutra", it is also known as the. Tiantai is one of the earliest Buddhist sect Chinese founded, each set of North-South semantics and meditation that collate and development of Sui and Tang Dynasties the statements of a school, sectarian influence. Ming Yuan, Tiantai scholars often in pure land, form "teaching on the roof, for the wind to land". Tiantai in Han nationality area after the rise and fall, but still continuing today.相关的主题文章: