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Liaozu difficult Baoji legend Zhao Junzhe retired – Beijing Beijing in Shenyang on 30 October, October 30th (Zhang Ying), Zhao Junzhe ushered in the occupation career in the last battle, a legend last curtain call. Over the past 19 years, Zhao Junzhe has become a banner of Liaoning Hongyun team, leaving countless memorable moments. That night, Liaoning Hongyun team home court and Jiangsu Suning team ushered in the war, this game is not only a distant relegation battle, the game is also Liaozu meritorious Junzhe retired. At the end of this season in the round, for no implementation of relegation Liaozu, next year can see in the super battle with Suning battle game results, as long as the points, can be achieved to avoid relegation liaozu. The first half, the two sides in a goalless draw. The second half 69 minutes into the game, Liaozu corner kick opportunities, Asani shakes break, Liaozu 1 leading 0 Suning, and will maintain the victory until the end of the game, Liaozu hard relegation. The evening of the Shenyang ushered in the rain and snow weather, competition is very cold, the last battle of Zhao Junzhe added a sentimental stadium bleachers Liaoning fans played a huge portrait of Zhao Junzhe, to pay tribute to the veteran. At half-time, game play tigers classic songs, "go fly, brave to say goodbye, say this time without the tears……" The songs represent millions of fans think to say goodbye to the distant foot, the Liao Xiaohu last players, many football fans tears ran liao. Liaozu avoid relegation is a perfect ending for Zhao Junzhe, after an interview, he mentioned two times "come to a successful issue". Zhao Junzhe said, thanks to accompany him grow up together for fans, coaches and leaders, also thanks to his father taught himself and dedication, "I take this team as a belief, no belief would not stick to the heart." Zhao Junzhe in the distant foot for 19 years, when a generation of Liao Xiaohu have left only after he has been distant, stick, and refuse the other club paid invitation. After the game, fans in the audience of the witness, Zhao Junzhe held a retirement ceremony in Liaozu the central stadium, marking the time Zhao team "flag is sent tens of thousands of fans signed with Zhao Junzhe, Zhao Junzhe was sad speechless, he choked out many thanks, I hope the next turn, can see you." Countless fans chanting the name of Zhao Junzhe, the scene once again sounded the song, "to finally come to this day, have to run their own world, no one can replace you in my memory, and the period of youth." Zhao Junzhe retired, the end of an era. (end)相关的主题文章: