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Liaoning: without a license network about the car remains illegal in October 8th, the general office of the Liaoning provincial government issued "views on the" General Office of Liaoning Provincial People’s Government on deepening reform and promoting the healthy development of the taxi industry, clear taxi industry development orientation, promote the parade car industry transformation and upgrading, development of standardized network about cars. Liaoning network about the legalization of the car, but the provision of network services about the vehicle and the driver, should be made in accordance with the law of the "network booking taxi transport license" and "network booking taxi driver’s license". "Carpool" ride "should be in the self behavior of the premise, not for profit purposes. Positioning   taxi points "parade car" and "network about car" "opinion" clear, our province is divided into a taxi taxi Parade (parade) and network booking taxi (net about car). City People’s government should give priority to the development of public transport, the appropriate development of taxis, the orderly development of the network about cars. Actively promote the construction of the green taxi industry, accelerate the elimination of old taxis, encourage the implementation of existing taxi oil to gas, to guide new and updated taxi priority to use new energy vehicles. The right to operate   new taxi management rights and free use of the "opinions" requirements, the province of new taxi franchise, will implement free use time limit, and shall not change the main business. For the right to operate as a taxi, not speculation and unauthorized transfer, in accordance with the statutory conditions and procedures for the change. In the case that the operating right of the existing taxi has not been clearly defined for a specific period of business or has been paid for the use of the right to operate, the people’s Government of the city shall reasonably determine the time limit for the operation of the taxi, and gradually cancel the paid use fee. For the new franchise, priority should be licensed to the good quality of service, high level of integrity of enterprise; operating period expires or the right of the major problems in service quality, operating in the process of major production safety accidents, serious illegal acts, assessment of credit quality of service failure and other circumstances, should be in accordance with the relevant provisions to recover the right to operate. The profit distribution of   no charge mortgage gold "opinion" requirement, to use Internet technology to better the construction of enterprises and the driver operation risk and profit distribution management mode. Encourage, support and guide the taxi companies, taxi drivers, industry associations and trade unions equal consultation, and according to the operating cost, price changes and other factors, determine a reasonable and dynamic adjustment of the taxi contract fee standard task, existing contract fee standard or quota is too high to be reduced. Taxi companies are strictly prohibited to charge a high mortgage to the driver, the existing mortgage is too high to reduce. The transformation of   encourage the parade car provided about car service "opinions" put forward, our province to encourage the parade car operators, online car platform companies through mergers, restructuring, absorption in the form of the implementation of the company management in accordance with the modern enterprise system. To support the cruise car through the telecommunications, Internet and other store service mode to provide operational services, promote the use of non cash payment in line with financial standards. Engaged in taxi driving, should be in accordance with the "Regulations on the management of taxi service business", "network pre Meng相关的主题文章: