Liang Songheng You Huizhen’s office opened in the drinks was traced to the mutual Nazi book-magicq

Liang Songheng You Huizhen has traced through mutual office wine book original title: Nazi lead a gay life! Liang You’s office was traced to open to each other in drinks snacks Nazi book Liang Songheng has more than one office tour Huizhen bottles, Nazi books, snacks [global network reported] Hongkong network reported on 16 November, the Hongkong Supreme Court ruling "New Youth" and the tour Huizhen beam Songheng disqualified after the Legislative Council Secretariat immediately accordingly, beams and swim three days "sack" left, two brand building is located in the ten floor of the "license" and the door has been removed, the office of internal chaos also exposure. Beam, stay all the things in the office, including more than and 10 bottles of wine, snacks, cake, game PS4 cartons, and was found to have Nazi books; the Secretariat is also studying how to recover the remuneration paid to two people, two people is expected to "return" up to 1 million 860 thousand yuan. Material must return public funds 1 million 860 thousand high court yesterday afternoon three thirty issued a ruling, ruled that the government won the case, announced the cancellation of the qualifications of Liang Chi, the suspension of the two seats. The Legislative Council Secretariat at four pm start demolition tour is located in building ten floor beam "license" and the office door brand, and immediately withdrew their office for. The Secretariat staff to distribute the notification letter, asked two people to pick up the day before five PM personal items, and to provide the Secretariat of the goods during the two and the staff can only use the building permit to enter the building and ten floors underground, can not be used in the building for the services and facilities provided by members, nor to the reception of visitors inside the building. Due to the impact of the conference room, the Secretariat had earlier banned 13 assistant beams, swim into the building, but the office yesterday afternoon swim beam, there are individual staff present, then people have left the office empty, a lot of media, shooting in. The reporter saw the scene, two people in the office is open, interior is a mess, furniture, debris scattered everywhere, leaving not to eat McDonald’s fast food, office supplies are expensive computer iMac. Good man! Liang Songheng’s room had more than 10 bottles of Liang Songheng’s room had more than 10 bottles, including Scotland Glenffidich Whisky (worth around $1000), the United States Jack Daniel s Tennessee Honey ("whisky value of around $300), Cava Spain sparkling wine, scattered in the office table, sofa and cabinets in different corners, some drink left half, some are absolutely empty, underground cartons there are a number of empty bottles, it is wine and Songheng beam. Inside the room there are game consoles PS4 box, has been opened, such as the packaging of snacks. Tour Huizhen room desk Nazi Huizhen Room Tour books there are a number of dolls, clothes and shoes rilakkuma. A German Nazi leader Hitler’s autobiography "Mein Kampf" books on the desk, there are glasses, toilet paper and other debris, very messy. The counter and left a note saying, "stay, that (which) if no firewood, too, do not let people guess (me) what do you do, Liu Yan相关的主题文章: