Li Keqiang talks with Lithuania Prime Minister Butt J Vee Chus and Prime Minister of Slovakia,

With Lithuania’s prime minister Li Keqiang Butt J Vee Chus and Prime Minister FICO of Slovakia to add new network – in November 5, Xinhua (reporter Guo Qun Li Deping) Premier Li Keqiang attended the meeting during the fifth China Middle East European leaders in Riga National Library on the afternoon of 5, respectively, with Lithuania’s prime Minister Butt J Vee Chus and the Prime Minister of Slovakia FICO talks. In talks with Butt J Vee Chus, Li Keqiang said that the smooth development of neutral relations. China appreciates the positive development of relations with China, and is willing to strengthen pragmatic cooperation with the cube to achieve mutual benefit and benefit the people of the two countries. Butt J Vee Chus said that the development of relations between the two countries are deeply satisfied with the cube, looking forward to further expand bilateral trade and investment cooperation. 16+1 cooperation is very important, and is willing to actively promote cooperation to achieve more results. In the same FICO conversation, Li Keqiang said the two sides should respect each other’s core interests and major concerns, the opposite way to promote the healthy and stable development of bilateral relations. Fico said that the government attaches great importance to relations with China, the principle of position of adhering to the one Chinese policy without any change, ready to work together with China to promote the healthy development of bilateral relations in the right direction.相关的主题文章: