Li Keqiang pay close attention to the establishment of an open and transparent list of professional lformat

Li Keqiang: to establish a transparent occupation qualification list — Guangxi channel — original title: Li Keqiang: to establish a State Council executive meeting transparent occupation qualification list on November 23rd, Premier Li Keqiang asked the relevant departments to establish occupation qualification list promptly announced to the public. "What need to occupation qualification permission, to the public listed as clear as noonday. In addition to the list, all departments should not be allowed to establish a new variety of titles!" Prime Minister said. The day of the meeting decided that since 2014 has been canceled in six batches of vocational qualifications on the basis of the 114, and then cancel the temporary tour guide, restaurant waiters, cleaners and other professional qualifications of the licensing and identification of matters of the year 319. So far, the State Council departments set up vocational qualification has been canceled more than 70%. Li Keqiang asked relevant departments to continue to do a good job at the same time, the abolition of the professional qualification has been canceled and identified matters to do a look back". "Some have to clean up the occupation qualification licensing, in some places and make only superficial changes again. For these changes in the pattern of professional qualifications and licensing matters identified, we must resolutely ban." "But more importantly, we need to create an open and transparent list of professional qualifications," said the prime minister." Two days ago, Premier Li Keqiang held in Shanghai to deepen the tube service reform forum, a local person in charge, the local government announced in the power list, list of responsibilities and institutions, intermediary service charges and the government linked list is still out, after the mature have announced. "A list will be able to squeeze rent-seeking space, avoid the" black box ". Sunshine is the greatest power of the ‘preservative’ and efficiency ‘propeller’!" Prime Minister said. It is also in the forum, a number of local official said in his speech, in recent years Chinese economy can withstand the downward pressure, every year to achieve about 10000000 new urban jobs, put the tube service reform, especially the reform of commercial system and promote public entrepreneurship, innovation has played an important role. Li Keqiang at the executive meeting on November 23rd, after the first photo card after the reform, a lot of places to reflect, although the enterprise to get a business license, but various "including occupation qualification licensing and certification certificate," there are many, still unable to smooth business. "How do you develop so much?" Li Keqiang stressed that the government must change its functions to stimulate market vitality and social creativity. This is the benefit of the people, but also the fundamental strategy of China’s economic development!" (Wang Nianzi) (Xu Jinwen, commissioning editor Chen Lulu)相关的主题文章: