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Li Jingxie friends live Le Jia Bao Beier too to fight Li Jing Li Jing Li Jing blunt Sina entertainment news on September 23rd afternoon, Bao Beier [micro-blog], Le Jia [micro-blog] appeared in a live variety show at Li Jing. The drama will soon bring the release of Babel Li Jingwen to pay shine with happiness, Babel said, implicitly, there will be differences between different packaging or guest. In addition to the director, the actor’s identity, the recent Babel also bold cross-border boss, business so hot that the back door dining was Li Jing ridicule. A business prospered him, playing puzzles favorably, repeatedly construal game title, moving from the brain to be nothing difficult, they shouted extremely clever, IQ is superior to others! In addition, the broadcast also ushered in the character of the color of the Le Jia, carrying a new book appeared static distance recording scene, face the privacy, sharing the fragile and embarrassing story behind the pain. Once in the program has been black Le Jia, made public analysis according to social needs and respect the new family education in the long-term absence of adolescent problems, Le Jia told a live girl friends, to protect their right, rather than the choice of escape, a netizen said: but the upright live music teacher. It is reported that Le Jia will appear dignified and imposing embarrassing experiences into words, exploration through pain and suffering strong heart enough, now he has had.相关的主题文章: