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Li Bingbing talks with New Zealand earthquake: extreme fear helpless sun to escape after Li Bingbing micro-blog Chen Xuanwen Sina Pictures Entertainment News recently, Li Bingbing [micro-blog] Hollywood blockbuster "shooting shark in New Zealand and Jason Stenson together". 14, local time, 0 minutes, New Zealand, a magnitude of 8 earthquake occurred in new zealand. One hour after the earthquake, Li Bingbing through micro-blog said the encounter breathtaking scene, wrote: "flying down the stairs to escape from the earthquake!" In hiding during the earthquake, Li Bingbing also told Sina entertainment about what had happened, said "extreme fear of death". Li Bingbing said she had met a one or two earthquake, but this time let her very afraid: "the house trembled, thought is the wind blowing, and later found everything in the house are straight ring, is really extreme fear of death, do not know where to run, the room curtains were tilted the pipeline, Restroom rub cracking straight ring, went to the first floor on the road has been covered with confusion, are people." Li Bingbing said, she lived in the most lateral floor, so feel more strongly felt, colleagues because living in the middle of the building, almost didn’t feel anything. "Other colleagues ran faster than me, they all went to the first floor, and I began to wear pants running down, really feel helpless." Am local time in New Zealand 2:30, Li Bingbing said he is ready to return to the house to sleep, "it’s all right now, is really a false alarm." (Chen Xuanwen) (commissioning editor: Ianto) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: