Let the bullets fly at that time, just at the moment win7codecs

"Let the bullets fly": at that moment, as the moment Zhang Mazi: so at that moment…… Huang Silang: just at the moment. Jiang Wen "let the bullets fly," 2010 lines of control of the 369th phase, the two dialogues from the "let the bullets fly". The bandit Zhang Mazi (Jiang Wenshi) posing as a magistrate horse into the bond to Oklahoma City, a local bully Huang Silang (Zhou Runfa ornaments) a blow. Huang Silang set Hongmenyan please, Zhang Mazi, soup touts dinner. In the table they are tempted, there has been no decorum, and set the "bandits" agreement. Huang Silang 20 years ago he and Zhang Mazi had once, then two people have such a dialogue full of wisdom. Zhang Mazi like a person known to Huang Silang, and Zhang Mazi had given Cai E the Chamberlain, then, Huang Silang is also very likely the old revolutionary party. The banquet scene, three stars sitting at a table in the film is excellent performance, is the big paragraph. At the same time, "at this moment" and pointed to the time of the film show (2010), it seems that the film in the fuzzy space and time, and the real world has a correlation. "Let the bullets fly" is Jiang Wen’s works at the box office, the film ranked seventy-ninth bean.相关的主题文章: