Leshan cracked series of theft of more than in the old sex massage female theft (video) tianbi

Since the detection of Leshan elderly theft is more than a series of sex massage female theft since October of this year, two stolen a fraud breaking battle, Leshan (micro-blog) the Municipal Public Security Bureau, central branch actively coordinate the deployment of superior, fight for a month, more than a series of continuous detection of theft cases, destroyed 3 criminal gangs, criminal suspects arrested 14 people, for the masses more than 220 yuan in economic losses. Since a series of theft case intelligence judgments pull piglets in January this year, City Public Security Bureau police station received a number of rural public alarm, alarm content highly similar: reflect feeding piglets stolen. The frequent "coincidence" caused the attention of the police criminal investigation. The police all piglets stolen police intelligence summary analysis, and Analysis on crime, found time in rainy night, methods of crime are basically the same, then determine the series of cases are the same as a gang of thieves. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police quickly into the visit, keep three volts, arresting action group. Visiting the site, site investigation group visited Mopai, but due to the opportunity for a rainy night, the scene has been washed by the rain, almost no evidence can be extracted from the left, and the remote location, no one saw the whole process, to provide valuable clues; keep V group of police in the rain to continuous farms overnight Dunshou ambush, more than the police are still suffering from a bad cold have a fever sick stick; zhuabu shoulder great responsibility to develop information clues, the arrest program, because the police nervous, back office police Tu Jing overcomes the father of advanced cancer, dying young son no one to take care of family difficulties, actively participate in them. All the police to give up work and rest of the weekend, after 1 months of hard investigation, and finally find out the true identity of the theft of the case series of suspects. In October 11th, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade in support of the relevant departments, in conjunction with the Tuzhu police station, quickly destroyed the series theft case piglets criminal gangs, criminal suspects arrested 6 people in a beam. The deep that the gang since January this year so far, large central city, Wutongqiao District, Jingyan county and other places, for more than 10 cases of crime, stealing hundreds of piglets, the value of more than 10 yuan. Since the video figureinvestigation dug series of theft in September this year to seduce, Leshan city police station received a similar alarm, reflect more than older men are brought to the masseuse rented room theft. Video surveillance around the criminal investigation police retrieved the synchronization of similar cases, combined with the video of Skynet, civil figureinvestigation string and found an adult female physical characteristics were similar in video data. Police to the woman as a clue to the nearby rental housing landlord and the surrounding residents to visit the investigation, comparative analysis of rental information, and ultimately lock up the basic situation of the gang members chen. Police to Chen as the center of the investigation, mastered the gang’s internal structure and trajectory. Once confirmed, the criminal investigation police quickly dispatched assembly. In October 31st, the police investigation of the case arrest in a rented room in Qianglu. During the period, the suspect Zhang managed to break the door to control fled, police rushed immediately Batui run, foot chase 200 meters after the control, but the intense resistance and a police Wang Zheng hand, he choked back pain firmly in their control, after the hospital diagnosed as fractures. grab相关的主题文章: