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Legal Daily: the standardization of law enforcement of public security organs is a self revolution – Beijing, law enforcement standardization, a public security organ of self – Revolution newspaper commentator recently, the office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued "on deepening the construction of law enforcement standardization". "Opinions" to deepen the standardization of public security law enforcement system has made a comprehensive deployment, marking the rule of law and public security construction has entered a new stage. For a long time, the team construction in the construction of law enforcement standardization as the core has been a priority among priorities in public security work, and actively explore the practice throughout the construction of law enforcement standardization in the police, both in the concept of rule of law, the concept of the masses and the concept of law enforcement, law enforcement capacity, or in the power operation, management and supervision and the quality of law enforcement, law enforcement credibility has been significantly improved, the emergence of a large number of law enforcement for the people of the advanced models, made a significant contribution to safeguarding national security and social stability, economic and social development and the masses of the people, to win the trust of the party and people. In the party’s the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, Chinese entered a new era of comprehensive deepening of the rule of law, the construction of law enforcement standardization, public security is the strong foundation and scientific, the rule of law is the inevitable requirement of the party and the people respond to new demands and new expectations of the specific performance. Related to the overall stability of the community and the vital interests of the people, is related to the constitutional legal authority and social fairness and justice, is related to the image of the government and law enforcement credibility. In recent years, although the public security work has achieved remarkable results, but the problem can not be ignored, some of the police is not strong, the concept of the rule of law enforcement quality is not high, the use of the rule of law, rule of law and the way of thinking still need to further improve the processing ability of new situations and new problems, law enforcement standards and operating procedures, management system of supervision mechanism is not perfect, law enforcement is not strict. Strict and standardized, fair and civilized problems also occur, the masses are strongly. To solve these problems, the "opinions" do not hide, do not evade, honest, hard put forward the solutions and countermeasure. "Opinions" to strengthen the concept of taking people as the center of law enforcement, put people on the strict enforcement of fair and civilized norms of expectations and requirements to the implementation of each case for each item in the law enforcement activities, and strive to let the people feel the social fairness and justice. Requirements of the police in every law enforcement activities, in each case, always stand in the people’s position, reflecting the will of the people, to implement the requirements of the people, safeguard the interests of the people. "Opinions" to implement the reform of the trial centered litigation system requirements to ensure that the facts of the case can withstand the test of the law. The public security organ is an important criminal judicial power, participants and practitioner is litigation system reform. The construction of law enforcement standardization from the perfect law enforcement mechanism, regulate forensic investigators activities according to law, enhance the ability of scientific evidence, to prevent and eliminate all kinds of illegal evidence and torture to extract confessions from the source. At the same time, improve the human rights protection system, and effectively protect the legal rights of lawyers. "Opinions" to strengthen the supervision and restriction of law enforcement power. The law enforcement power is large, the randomness is strong, the lack of effective supervision and restriction is one of the public security law enforcement.相关的主题文章: