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Email-Marketing Ok, so lets talk about an email marketing autoresponder. First of all, what is the biggest thing that most successful marketers agree on? The money is in the list, right? (Well, its actually more in the relationship with that list, but thats a topic for another article 🙂 ) Anyway, as an online marketer you will need to have an email marketing autoresponder to stay in touch with your list. Think of it this way, youve taken the time to get leads for your business so it doesn’t make sense to let them go without a way to stay in touch. Dont do all that hard work and then just let them disappear forever! Staying in consistent contact with your list means you can offer them more value over time, which they will appreciate and respect you for. Remember, the customers who don’t join your business today could very well be the ones who sign up in the future. When they start that search, you want to make sure your name is familiar in their inbox, as someone they know they are .fortable with. Someone they already look up to as a leader Aweber can help you do this. Aweber is a great email marketing autoresponder and when you take into account the amount of time it can save you, the rates are incredible. You can actually get started on Aweber for under $20/month. Here are a few of the things that Aweber can do for you: * Extremely reliable deliverability of messages * Multiple email lists with an unlimited number of follow up emails for each individual list. * Broadcast message capability in addition to automated follow up emails. * Blog-Broadcast messages to convert an RSS feed into an automated newsletter. * Easy to use Opt-In Form generator (You can view a tutorial video on how to do this here) as well as a handful of other features Aweber also makes it easy to organize and track the leads you generate with your email markeing autoresponder. Aweber tracks how many of your subscribers actually recieved your email, as well how many of those people open your messages! Aweber’s settings will allow you to track the links in your messages – to see if they are being clicked, and who’s clicking them, this gives you a good indication of how effective your emails are. While customizing your messages and campaigns, you can also adjust your messages for specific subscribers and groups. You cand do something simple, like include your lead’s name in the salutation of the message, or control what emails you send a specific person based on what they’ve done with previous emails. Awebers list segregation takes things a giant step farther by allowing you to select what messages someone should receive if they (for example) opened/didnt open a certain message or messages or if they click on a certain link. Imagine the possibilities of that kind of targeted marketing. Once you know what types of links a prospect clicks on, it’s like their raising their hands and telling you what they want you to send them more of. Using this information, you can set up a new series of messages for those subscribers, specifically tailored to their interests and you only have to set things up once! After that the list splitting happens automatically based on the criteria you’ve selcted! Thats NOT something that every email marketing autoresponder can do! Aweber is an ideal email marketing autoresponder service to automate the process of emailing your business prospects or blog subscribers, so that once you get their attention, youll know you have the power to keep it for a good long time. 🙂 About the Author: By: solitaire global – The article talks about various types of email technical support services available online. It also tells how it is essential to choose the best service provider. By: yahoosupportaustralia – Did you forget your Yahoo password? Do not panic if you forgot password. Just contact the professionals at Yahoo support Australia and get back access to your Yahoo mail. By: hotmailsupportaustralia – Many people encounter issues when utilizing Hotmail. 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