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Learn deep and become a qualified party (Party school, learning the party constitution, a series of speeches to be qualified party members) – Politics – people.com.cn "although retired from the post, but as a party member, to continuously strengthen learning, not outdated, not left behind, do not retreat, will not fade." At the end of October, Xinjiang Qapqal Xibe Autonomous County Civil Affairs Bureau for retired veteran comrades "free school door", to ensure that the "two a" learning is not blank. In the "two a" learning education, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party committee focus on social stability and long period of stability overall goal, highlight the political strong, highlight the integration of national unity, highlighting the problem oriented, required to learn deep and success. Yili focused on learning the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, especially important speech on the work of Xinjiang, to carry out special discussion. Akesu to carry out "five for five out of five" activities, and promote cadres accountability work, padded short board. On the county level and above leading cadres in Tacheng for 3 days of closed training, focus on the overall goal, really learn to move, do it. "Leading cadres in all aspects of the Party leadership, do highly consistent, do implement the central government’s decision to deploy an example, be a model of national unity." Shache County Road branch Party Secretary Eric, deputy secretary Abdullah said wood?. Focus on the overall goal, Xinjiang continued to force to rectify grassroots party organizations are weak and lax, in 1829 villages and communities were weak and lax, adjust the party secretary 871, appointed party secretary of the 547, from all levels of governments select "first secretary" to achieve full coverage. Changji, Bazhou, Turpan, Hami, Hotan and other places of grassroots party organizations are weak and lax by classification, a village plan, listed rectification. Through a comprehensive strategy, multi pronged, grassroots party organizations cohesion, combat effectiveness generally enhanced. Community to system construction, team building, maintaining stability, benefit people’s livelihood as the breakthrough point, get through the service of the masses’ last mile ‘, by the masses." Yining City Han Bin Xiang belt community responsible person said. Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau in Minfeng County Township Village special open Karenni if the working group and the village Party branch to carry out to wear a lapel pin, bright identity, a series of activities to the tree image "as the theme. "Wearing the emblem, enhance the party members and the sense of honor and responsibility between cadres, the village has been greatly improved." The village Party branch secretary balti Maimaitiwulayimu said?. Ruoqiang County innovation dangke, hierarchical object, the implementation of precision irrigation "to learn", exploring online lectures, micro lectures, QQ group and new pattern of Party building. The fruit of Huocheng County Ditch pasture established on horseback "big horn" propaganda team, to the mountains, to the sick and elderly members ranch home, read, read speech, carry out the read newspapers sent to school activities. Wushi county around the study style is not real, heavy, light and other 6 kinds of problems, the establishment of Party members and cadres, the issue of the book, strengthen supervision, strictly do a good job of learning from the "one of the two learning" in the education of the "problem" of…… Xinjiang party members and cadres, adhere to the combination of "learning" and "do", and promote the combination of ideas to enhance the work of the center, and strive to enhance the consciousness of learning in cognitive, refresh, honed by doing)相关的主题文章: