Lanling Princess women to be Wenzhan Gong see again love lock (video) cancam

"Lanling Princess" women "to be Wenzhan"? See again with Hunan TV Gong lock "Lan Ling Princess" Promo launched in November 13th by Zhang Hanyun Peng Guanying, Tencent entertainment news, Andy Chen starred in the TV drama "Lanling Princess" is currently Hunan satellite TV 22:00 diamond theater hit in late gambling. Yesterday (November 14th) in the story, played by Zhang Hanyun Yuan Qingsuo in order to help high Changgong (Chen Yishi) rescued trapped in stone prison brothers, took the risk of stealing retaining Yuwen (Lin Weichen ornaments) key, but do not want to be the assassin hijacking later encountered in the process of old Lan Ling Wang, and let the princess hold unexpected kiss friends shouted abuse a dog". High and easy to lock this emotional line in the romantic warmth is quite slow rhythm of the rhythm of the heart. And overbearing romantic, gentle and bring some childish Yong Yuwen different high Changgong always thought his love life is dead now and see Duanmu pity, pity Duanmu yuan Qing lock nature as if a generation had passed as like as two peas. In the face of the lock to show their good impression, Takashinaga Kyoakim want to close, but very resistant. Once the temperature is still in the embrace of amnesia after Yuan Qing lock heart retained, but for high Changgong is already cooling. Two people’s feelings, as the theme song "the other side" said, "in the years, you know the cheek, but I miss you". Help high Changgong collaborated with the yuan Qing lock by retaining Yuwen doubt, more after the slaughter house all Otsuka poisoning was framed by the sentence wenzhan. Just on the line of six sets of female master lock will be how to get rid of their own crisis? Whether due to the hostile constantly tempted but constantly attracted Yong Yuwen will lend a hand? She can achieve high and Changgong away.? Mystery remains to be revealed. Dongyang Xinshang New Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Dianguangzhuanmei culture development limited company system, festival culture film & Television Fund, Beijing Xin Xin Xiang nuclear Culture Development Co., Ltd. jointly produced by a bracelet, served as executive producer, senior writer Zhang thirteen adaptation, Zhang Hanyun and Peng Guan Ying, Andy Chen, Lily Tien, Lin Weichen, Hua Jiao, Liu Shuailiang starred in the TV series "Lan Ling Princess" is hit. Tonight, King Gao Changgong will be in front of the first yuan Qing lock unmasked, one side, at first sight, stay tuned for more exciting 22:00 Hunan TV diamond independent radio theater.相关的主题文章: