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South Korean comfort women group refused to lead Japan to cure the gold, said the government was sold in 2015, the Korean people holding the original comfort women photos, outside the Japanese Embassy in Seoul rally. According to Xinhua news agency, South Korean Foreign Ministry said 25 days, will be in the original "comfort women" and the late former "comfort women" family issued a total of 1 billion yen funded by the government of Japan ($9 million 960 thousand) "cure gold". Some of the world’s original comfort women, said the same day that the Japanese government did not assume legal responsibility, but also do not want to make a formal compensation. South Korea’s main former comfort women support group 24, reiterated the refusal to cure gold". The South Korean government issued cash: "meaningful" South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Junhe 25, said at a news conference, according to the agreement reached last December 28th, the government of Japan to the Korean established "reconciliation and healing fund transfers this 1 billion yen, the South Korean government will take the form of cash to a living former" comfort women paid 100 million won (about 662 thousand yuan), to the late former "comfort women" family paid 20 million won (about 132 thousand yuan). Japan and South Korea comfort women issue agreement reached, South Korea, a total of 46 former comfort women alive, after the death of the original registration comfort women, the 199. As of this month, there are 6 elderly people died, survivors only 40 people. Yonhap news agency quoted a foreign ministry official said, the specific amount to each former "comfort women" or the original "comfort women survivors may consider individual needs, can It differs from man to man., can also receive a one-time payment of installments. The official said, in the form of cash and other forms of assistance to the original comfort women, and does not limit the scope of use, quite meaningful". According to the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Korea, the payment of cash is to restore the reputation and dignity of the victims of the "comfort women", and to heal their wounds". However, since the end of last year reached an agreement, Japan has repeatedly stressed that the Japanese government on the comfort women issue no legal responsibility, cure gold is not compensation". Comfort women group director An Xinquan said the government refused to accept the "selling" Seoul a "comfort women" victims "share house" (transliteration) 25, an interview with the Agence France-Presse said, "Japan put the money as a humanitarian aid, rather than legal compensation, therefore, in the" share house "the 10 living former" comfort women "will not receive. The day before, in the Japanese embassy outside the "Wednesday" rally, former "comfort women" support group "Korean volunteer corps countermeasures agreement will" permanent representative Yin Meixiang reiterated that the Japanese government refused to provide 1 billion yen. Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported, Yin Meixiang criticized Japan "comfort women" agreement, said Japan does not recognize the conscription of "comfort women" is a war crime, neither official apology nor legal compensation. "The South Korean government has sold our appeal for 1 billion yen." Controversy big compensation or compensation, Japan and South Korea deposit differences do not want to disclose the name of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Korea 8相关的主题文章: