Kim Hee Chul, Li Fei’Er, the sea to create an exclusive concert on the eve of the concert – Sohu Ent-lata-01

Kim Hee Chul Li Fei’Er beach dating Fu Xinbo to create exclusive concert entertainment Sohu –   " " Xin Ying; combined Sohu entertainment news broadcast last night (November 3rd) "if love" romance, "Xin Ying" for love Yong jump Macao tower, Fu Xinbo Ying Er to create exclusive concert, let Ying Er instantly out of tears; "Koi" also launched a not resigned to playing second fiddle, warm beach date, Kim Hee Chul like to eat the honey, the embodiment of the "love" the little prince, happy to praise Li Fei’Er grinning, fans across the screen were germinated between two people love; Love house is facing "water crisis" the romance of the guests love is "no water" how to…… Poor single buddies, singles not to be "early love" if the guests were injured all over the body of the child "". Fu Xinbo Liao sister Cheats: Ying Er to create exclusive concert as "best man", Fu Xinbo this week with Ying Er traveled to Macao, truly "as long as you love, I will accompany you to the remotest corners of the globe", when Ying Er wanted to challenge the Macao tower bungee jumping, the height of 233 meters, with a group of frightened acrophobia also, let equal to anything buns brother feel afraid. But Ying Er wanted to challenge the desire so strong, although some of the fear of Fu Xinbo, but not at a critical moment to retreat ah! Challenge yourself, Fu Xinbo immediately boyfriend full strength, for love bravely jumped the Macao tower, such a boyfriend do you want? But a good man can do more than just that! Not only for the brave love bungee jumping, Fu Xinbo also prepared a huge surprise for Ying Er. He is wearing Ying Er send shirt, took her to elaborate the site, not sweet, only love songs and wrapped her songs, heard Ying Er also cried tears trickling down cheeks, friends. It will now say love Boy has to be Out, can sing boys before girls in the eyes of prince charming! Kim Hee Chul Liao sister Cheats: love her as Fu Xinbo’s sister Liao boast read tutorials, take a look at Kim Hee Chul’s sister got down to earth Dafa oh! Last night’s show, Kim Hee Chul with Li Fei’Er came to Kim Hee Chul’s hometown, Gangwon in South korea! Along the way, Kim Hee Chul seems to be eating honey as incarnation of "love" the little prince, one after another the praise Li Fei’Er happy Gebulongzui, even Kim Hee Chul himself: "I feel shy like crazy." This loving show too much! Such a simple way to love her, praise her, you get it? Young lovers love to the beach shop to eat sashimi, the Kim Hee Chul carelessness actually put the wallet, can not afford the "Koi couple" face the embarrassment of capital, never thought, lost his wallet "Koi couple" actually opened a "fantastic couple Tour": two people came to the the fairy tale of the mural "through" back to the small village, playing together red and white machine, Kim Hee Chul is the embodiment of the "80s Hongkong film" the protagonist, together with Li Fei’Er staged a romantic drama, from South Korea to play Chinese drama, are two people playing bad friends, "don’t mind live in the original!相关的主题文章: