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KG can harden syndrome is expected to become big club successor Garnett announced his retirement 21 years veteran sports news in September 24th this curtain call Tencent Garnett retired, as thousands of years KG fans, estimated that many people are very sad and small. But in such a great tribute to the moment, but there are some very embarrassing things happen, today’s NBA social circle, we talk about some embarrassing things. A tribute to the great, posture is very important, generally speaking, "thank you KG, a legend" is standard. But as the saying goes, the details determine success or failure, if one is not careful, you hit a typo, this joke would be terrible. Today in their social media, Mutombo and everyone else, want to wish to send Garnett, but the problem is that uncle accidentally put together KG KD, the netizen said, "Durant has played in the League for 8 years, what kind of?" Others are Semyon Shekha Nate, witness the legend of what, just joined the Clippers’ Dorrell Wright is obviously a story, in social media, he tells a story in nightclubs and KG. "Never forget his rookie season in a nightclub, I want to hit a young girl, Garnett then knocked on the back of my head, let me not to lie." At the end of the text, Wright also made two tears. After this, you rarely hear about Wright nightclub rumors, may have met KG, James love to the nightclub to cure the problem. KG retired, this is a sad thing, but there are some people, but chose to pick things at this time. Today, Hoopshype has launched a website called Kobe, Duncan, Garnett, who retired the upset you vote, the results of nearly 50% of users chose Kobe, don’t you know, comments is a big melee. Also do not worry and thunder star enes Kanter, KG learned that after retirement, Kanter thought, I have to rub hot. In social media, Kanter wrote, "KG retired, he finally retired 6 years ago and his knees together # tribute # thank you KG." Then netizens did not, "your career greatness than Garnett 1/5, you a season of defense, rather than a KG performance," Kanter, you this is why? So it seems that Kanter has the potential to take over Barkley, big mouth big mouth, leave, when today in an interview, a reporter asked Kanter, the new season, Wei less will assume the responsibility of a leader, Kanter bluntly said, "last season, he is our leader, I love him and play together." This. I give you 82, the rest of the score, 666 for you. Kanter Barkley said thunder is not only because of his speech, but also because of his attitude, when the various users in his twitter following a tear, but Kanter in preparation for the Turkey section of the Oklahoma City delicacy game, Kanter is the Turks, this is also called a Turkey barbecue do not generally. Well, after retirement, have a sideline. Kanter to thunder brought a rich exotic style, but also has a foreign style as well as the presence of Adams, today, when the next pick up, and then the next day, when Mr. Adams.相关的主题文章: