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Business For Jon M Queen, there are many .panies that are already moving towards the use of the more useful and safer source of energy. Generally, this is the factor that often defines the usefulness of the investments that are present. Queen is a member and is the Senior Vice President of the International Environmental Trading Group that specializes in .panies that had a focus on selling carbon credits in part of the regulations stated within the Kyoto Protocol. This protocol is the legislation of the United Nations to curtail the level of carbon dioxide exposure that large and major industries had used. There are many industries that Jon M Queen will work with as being a head of the IETG. These .panies will be those that are involved in the cement manufacturing industries, the steel manufacturing, the coal mining process, wind power and as well as the oil and gas delivery systems. Queen proposes to sell the carbon credits to the different .panies that need to curtail their costs in the production of goods that leads to the exposure and emission of carbon dioxide. The amounts corresponding to the credit usually represented a particular number of tons of carbon that are released to the air. This means that if the .pany does not have enough carbon credit investments, they will be incurring major costs and expenses to the balance sheets and profit statements. For Jon M Queen, these are the methods that will encourage major .panies to, at least, reduce the level of the greenhouse effect that their production and manufacturing processes results to. One of the few discoveries that Queen was able to be involved in is the use of chicken manure as a renewable source of energy. This is the energy project that will take the chicken manure and create them to the clean and environment friendly heat and power that major industries need. Jon M Queen states that this is the technical approach that delivers the manure from the chicken farms across Ukraine and develops them to the energy sources that are needed by the general public. The process may be seems simple, but the fact is that this is actually quite a .plicated process that involves quite a major research program that will ensure the safe use of the materials for energy. This is the best method that will ensure that manure will be used to the core systems of the .pany, and these will only be made to the best when there is the right technology to convert it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: