Jogging for an hour each week

Jogging is effective according to Xinhua news agency, a Danish long-term cardiovascular research results show that one hour a week, jogging can prolong life, every week jogging for an hour or more about 6 years older than the average life expectancy of running. Weekly jogging for an hour six years life extension this "Copenhagen city heart study began in 1976, participated in the study of 19329 people, aged from 20 to 79 years old. The researchers examined participants’ cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and body mass index (BMI), asking about their smoking and drinking habits, educational background, income levels, and so on. The researchers found that 1116 men and 762 women often jog. The researchers asked their weekly running time and speed, divided into slow, medium and fast. For more than 35 years, a total of 122 runners and 10158 non runners died. Copenhagen city heart study cardiovascular chief expert Peter · held in Moscow; Noelle Ireland Dublin "European prevention 2012" conference released the results of the study showed that long-term, jogging makes a 44% lower risk of fatal. From the point of view of life, the benefits are reflected in the average length of 6.2 years, compared with those who do not run, the average life expectancy of female jogger is longer than that of non runners. Scott knowler said, jogging for health benefits a lot, can increase the oxygen consumption, improve insulin sensitivity, promote lipid metabolism, reduce blood pressure, reduce platelet aggregation, promote fibrinolytic activity, enhance the prevention of fat, improve heart function, psychological function. (Huang Min)相关的主题文章: