Jiangxi MLM leader ordered the men to break one by one female member of the new network in rape-ricky lee neely

Jiangxi MLM leader ordered the men to break one by one female member of Beijing Gang – China Jiangxi Fuzhou news network reporter Shu Xiaoyan reported: Xin Ping, the reporter was informed that in September 11th, Dongxiang police cracked Jiangxi province’s first county-level city to a large MLM dens hidden cases. Currently, the case is still under further investigation. The police Mopai destroyed "Xiangfei beauty" MLM gang in April this year, Dongxiang County Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade received the alarm call to one after another field staff, said his relatives and friends working in Dongxiang county to sell "Xiangfei beauty products to them for their huge investment, could not find the person. Dongxiang County, immediately set up a task force of 4? 13 ", kept according to provide clues, close range surveillance in the county. According to some local residents, some of the mysterious men and women will appear in the evening in Dongxiang County park. And one day, an old man passing by the old court of the county side of the road, from the upstairs window dropped a fifty yuan bill, which says help information. The ad hoc group according to the clues, by tracking more than two months of Mopai and patrol, from the periphery successfully arrested criminal suspects Li Bao, after the trial, in the local supermarket, Hualian court old dormitory, pedestrian street intersection, the old train station slaughterhouse hiding their MLM dens. After several days of Mopai, August 20th night, the police will be all four MLM dens destroyed, were arrested by Yang Mouping criminal gang led by the suspect Li Moujun, Zhang, Li Moubao, yinmou and coerced participation in illegal pyramid selling activities of more than 60 personnel, in one fell swoop destroyed entrenched in Dongxiang’s "Xiangfei beauty" MLM gang. In order to achieve the control objective was gang rape women members after the initial trial, a female suspect headed by Yang Mouping MLM organizations surfaced, most of the organization is "90" young people from all over the country 18 provinces. The gang in a virtual "Xiangfei beauty" marketing products, 2800 yuan each, with unfamiliar street, WeChat, QQ and other online communication platform, the use of pornographic or huge profits as bait and other forms of deception, unidentified foreign young man to Dongxiang with convenient transportation, park in Dongxiang after the appointment, to the four a MLM dens, secret control, and the implementation of illegal detention, if the intent fled from the backbone of the staff can have other staff beatings abuse. In addition to the nature and means there are other MLM MLM organizations like, even worse, the MLM gang with obvious violence crimes, physical suffering by beating the detention, also use "love" as a pretext, in order to let women lie about being cheated, female members hell-bent become accomplices, frenzied Yang Mouping has ordered all male female members one by one gang gang. According to preliminary estimates, the amount involved was about 600000 yuan.相关的主题文章: