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Japanese media: Chinese team missed the qualifying set should be early please coach Lippi – Sports Sohu   Japanese media: China team missed the qualifying set Beijing on November 16th news, 2018 Russia world cup 12 strong Asian championship team at the end of the fifth round, Chinese home court of Kunming and Qatar 0-0 shake hands. Japanese media pointed out that after the battle, Chinese team can not get directly qualify a foregone conclusion. While the Japanese fans are very concerned about Italy coach Lippi’s first show after he took office, the Orangemen now Tucao he coached too late. October fourth round, the Chinese team lost to the Uzbekistan team after losing 0-2, Gao Hongbo announced his resignation. China Football Association in the same month at the end of the appointment of Lippi as a new national football manager. Japanese media pointed out that China team 4 games 1 flat 3 negative only 1 points — took over the helm Lippi can, in the short term to enhance the able to perform wonders "has become the focus of the competition level. With the match, Lippi took office after the command of the first international A-class national football game: "although the China team holds the advantage, but unable to break, eventually draw opponents." 5 and 2 flat 3 negative 2 points of the China team ranked at the bottom of group A: "this means that China team wants to achieve since the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea once again to the world cup, has been desperate." Other screenings of A group, South Korea’s home court combat team 2-1 reversal Uzbekistan, eighty-fifth minutes, with Zizhe scored the winning goal, to help the South Korean team to win the most important game, ranking rose to second, the first group Iran draw with Syria on the road. The report pointed out that although Lippi after the game is still stressed will not give any chance to qualify for the 2 qualifying places in group A will produce in Iran, South Korea and Uzbekistan in the top 3, Chinese team even to compete for the play offs places, it is not easy thing, in addition to their own efforts, but also look at the other team’s face, expect the real miracle." Another Japanese media commentary pointed out, from the point of view of tactics and enhance the morale of the players, the role of the coach is really important. But again the ability of the coach is limited, after all, he can not substitute for 11 players to play. Lippi served as Chinese coach, helps Chinese players morale and enhance self-confidence, but also can not change the fact China football weak constitution." Many Japanese fans Tucao: "China team should be in the top 12 before please Lipidang coach, now just want to rely on him to win the qualifying, too late." (Mai Yuan)相关的主题文章: