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Israeli embassy in Turkey was attacked by security uniforms shot – the suspect brandished a Beijing News Agency in Beijing in September 22, Ankara news: Israel and Turkey to resume normal diplomatic relations on the occasion of the Israeli embassy in Turkey, 21 occurred on the attack events, a Turkey man attempted murder after being brandished a knife manufacturing, Embassy security uniforms shot. According to a spokesman for Turkey’s foreign ministry briefing, 21 at noon local time around the assailant while shouting "God is great", while near the Israeli embassy in soil. The door seeing this the security warning shots, but the man from a newspaper from the knife and tried to assassinate the security, the final shot in the leg by security uniforms. Turkey’s official news agency Anatolia news agency quoted informed sources as saying that the man is a 41 year old Turkey citizen. The verification of this man had no dealings with a terrorist organization, to the Israeli Embassy Attack seems to be related to his mental illness. Informed sources, the man is still left a black backpack. To this end, the Turkey police cordoned off the embassy area, beware of the backpack possession of explosive devices, and found no strange backpack. After the Israeli embassy in Turkey, said the incident did not cause casualties, but also did not panic in the museum. To believe that the Turkey police will properly handle the truth. The Israeli Foreign Ministry stressed that the incident will not affect the soil to restore normal diplomatic relations, the two countries will exchange Ambassadors as soon as possible. In June this year, to reach an agreement with the soil, after a lapse of 6 years to restore normal diplomatic relations, ready to restart cooperation in energy, defense and other. By the end of 2010, the Israeli army intercepted Turkey rescue a boat to Gaza Strip, killing 8 Turks and a Turkey Americans were killed, resulting in the relationship between soil rupture, Turkey will be in relation to two secretaries and suspended all military agreement the two sides. In June this year after the settlement, both sides initially planned to exchange Ambassadors at the end of July, but has yet to announce ambassador. (end)相关的主题文章: