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Inventory: sacked corrupt "rare" charges – Sohu news       Li You wrote | corrupt crime may have? Crime of corruption? The crime of taking bribes? The crime of huge unidentified property? In addition to everyone familiar with these, in fact, there are hidden deposits. This accusation is known (WeChat ID:upolitics) is only recently noticed. The official website of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate disclosed in October 31st, the Shanghai Municipal People’s government deputy secretary general Dai Haibo (bureau) suspected of bribery, concealing offshore deposits and crime case, by the Shanghai people’s Procuratorate investigation, recently by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate to the Shanghai first intermediate people’s court. However, Dai Haibo is not the first person to conceal the crime of offshore deposits. Who is the first person after the big eighteen? The government knows (WeChat ID:upolitics) noted that in the 5 days before the October 26th, Inner Mongolia procuratorate certified public number WeChat disclosed that recently, the Tongliao municipal government deputy mayor Xu Yalin (Deputy departmental level) suspected of bribery, embezzlement, embezzlement, the crime of breach of privilege, a huge amount of property with unidentified sources, concealing offshore deposits crime case and by the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region people’s Procuratorate anti corruption bureau investigation, the hospital transferred to the public prosecution department for examination and prosecution. Xu Yalin Xu Yalin (figure from Tongliao) although only deputy department officials, but the charges involved many — "bribery, embezzlement, embezzlement, breach of privilege, the crime of huge unidentified property crime, the crime of concealing offshore deposits" for six. Among them, the crime of concealing offshore deposits is one of them. Xu Yalin is not the eighteen largest after the first suspicion of the crime of concealing deposits of foreign officials, the first person may be like him, Inner Mongolia officials. At present, public reports can retrieve the charges alleged case is the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region government deputy secretary general, office of Legislative Affairs Director, party secretary Wu Zhizhong and his wife Huilong on suspicion of corruption, bribery, embezzlement, huge unidentified property, a case of concealing offshore deposits. September 16, 2013, the case in Inner Mongolia City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing in Hohhot. Wu Zhizhong (Xinhua viewpoint map from December 18th of that year), Hohhot City Intermediate People’s court according to the defendant Wu Zhizhong, Yu Huilong (Wu Zhizhong’s wife) the facts of the crime, the nature and circumstances of the crime and the degree of harm to society verdict, Wu Zhizhong was sentenced to life imprisonment, Yu Huilong was sentenced to 9 years. After 9 months, the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region High Court of second instance ruling, dismissed the appeal and upheld the original verdict. Prior to the twenty-first Century economic report on the case when the report had pointed out that the second instance ruling will decide whether it could become the highest level of officials to conceal the crime of offshore deposits." What is the crime of concealing offshore deposits? The crime of concealing offshore deposits is not new, it has been in the criminal law for nearly twenty years. Article 395th of the criminal law, the crime of concealing deposits abroad with a huge amount of property with unidentified sources, was classified as a single crime of corruption and bribery. 395th provisions of the second paragraph, Kun相关的主题文章: