Interstellar agents exposed the vast universe of pilot posters highlight 9c8996

"Star agent" exposure pilot posters highlight the Sina universe entertainment news by Chinese KEMET film produced by France and Europa, the famous director Luc · directed by Besson, Dane, Cara, de Haan?? Devoy Rihanna, Ethan Hawke, Clif?? Erwin and Wu Yifan starred in the science fiction "star agent: thousands of Star City" today, first issued the pilot movie poster. Mysterious planet poster of a great cool craft in the magnificent magnificent, magnificent picture of the universe behind the deep reverie, although there is not any one star in the poster face exposed, but the film science fiction style has remarkable atmosphere. In October 6th, directed by Luc · Besson portable movie debut New York International Comic Con, the three film Zhang Quanxin stills also will be exposed to the highly imaginative visual impact, let the movie in July this year after becoming the focus of the audience in Santiago exhibition, the audience once again staged fans rush frenzy, more popular than ever, to become the world’s fans eager attention and look forward to the science fiction masterpiece. With the KEMET film in Europa, together two outstanding Chinese and foreign film companies fit, will also bring new atmosphere for bilateral cooperation and Sino foreign film film industry cooperation and development. It is reported that the film is expected to be released in July 21, 2017. "Star agent" pilot poster stills exposure the vast magnificent universe highlight science fiction "star agent" since the shooting has attracted global attention of the media and the audience, each release set always caused countless hot scenes clips. Today, the film released the first leading concept poster. The poster on a large ship docked at the surface of the mysterious planet fighter, posters of the lower left corner, two suspected role of human figure to the future full of cool style frame fighter went, seems to be in the fierce battle star. In the vast universe of beautiful poster background stars, add a touch of an epic color for the upcoming battle. The poster does not lose the magnificent mystery, many cool atmosphere, the film as the basis of positioning 2017 annual science fiction the more looking forward to emerge in its totality. At the same time, the film’s three new stills exposure at the same time. The first Dane stills and Cara de Haan?? this seductive partner of diwa Yi armed sitting in the suspected concept poster cool spaceship, two face solemn expression conveys the tension before the Star Wars Xiaosha excitement, also let the audience of two people identity and mission in the film the more curious. Another Dane stills, a single person walk in? Jaen full of mysterious fantasy space, seems to be facing the hitherto unknown star plot. Finally, a stills protagonist is a group of alien films for the first time foreign exposure, this group of mysterious creatures seems strange and there is no lack of "Adorable" affinity, highlighting the director and production team have great originality to elaborate and amazing imagination. With these three new stills exposure, the film mysterious sci-fi space and nervous blasting Star Wars also let a person produce numerous reverie. "Star agent" adaptation of the original comic book based American shares.相关的主题文章: