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Inter exposure next Monday at the latest appointed coach giant Pro for the worst – Sohu sports exposure inter next Monday at the latest appointed coach   after De Boer, Milan international has not yet been able to stop the decline in the trend, the fourth round of the Europa League group phase, England’s 1-2 lost to Southampton, qualifying the situation in jeopardy. The Milan international has not appointed a coach, the game from the youth team coach Vicki is responsible, in accordance with the "Rome sports newspaper" said, the club has not appointed a coach, he is likely to continue to hold the Milan interim coach, the team played home court battle Crotone Serie A this weekend. Milan’s new head coach is likely to announce on Sunday or next Monday. According to Italy media said, the sacking of De Boer is a temporary decision, on Friday the international general meeting in Milan also said that given the Dutch 100% behind, the son of Zhang Jindong Zhang Kangyang and Zanetti De Boer have such a commitment, but the team record really bad heinous, but under Milan international management to make such a decision. "Rome sports newspaper" the news that Pioli and Marcelino are two coaches most close to the international Milan coach, Capello, Blanco, Leonardo, Hiddink and other famous coaches are the media make groundless accusations. According to the arrangement, Suning group boss Zhang Jindong Zhang Kangyang the son of a pedestrian in the local time arrived in Milan on November 4th, and then start doing Xuanshuai preparation, they will first meet with former Lazio coach Pioli, and then communicate with Marcelino, and make the final decision. "Milan sports newspaper" Italy media disclosure, Milan international management by Zanetti Gaddini, and Osorio and other three giants led by hope Pioli to become the team’s new coach, Suning hope with former Villarreal manager Marcelino. Of course, Milan international management is also prepared for the worst, can not find the right coach, let the youth team coach Wei Jilai guest, Osorio interview confirmed this, "Vicki is a professional coach, but he is still a fan of international Milan, at this moment, he is in the heart to help the team. Wei Ji coached the Milan international team did not have time constraints, but also may end before this Sunday. Tomorrow, the club’s shareholders will arrive in Milan, we will assess all potential coaches, including Wei Ji." About the new coach of Italy, or a foreign coach, Osorio responded, "I think a good coach, he should be familiar with the Italy football, is not Italy local coach, can also be foreign, no matter how, now the situation must be resolved. In the international Milan coach, of course, pressure, because we are a big club, as long as we can get good results, we do not care about which country he is from. Hiddink and Marcelino in the candidate list? I’m not going to reveal anything. Your curiosity will be met in the next few days. We just want to find the right coach." (nineteen)相关的主题文章: