Intelligence 15 League Championship Newcastle scored 32 goals a terrorist attack coinwatch

Intelligence: 15 League Championship Newcastle scored 32 goals a terrorist attack on Saturday 024             championship; Newcastle VS Cardiff city       2016-11-05 23:00             Venue: Newcastle St Jam es’s Park stadium weather: rain 7 C Beijing time in November 5th of 23, the sixteenth round championship, Newcastle united against the visiting Cardiff city in the home court. The field of the Newcastle 15 Harding Park 11 wins 1 flat 3 negative, scoring 32 goals to lose 12 balls, 34 points Championship occupy leading position. Team nearly 6 war trend: Katsuka Katsukatsukatsuka. They beat Preston two times in the league and Carling Cup in the last 2 games, with a score of 6 to 0 and a ratio of 2 to 1. The visiting team of Cardiff city 15 wheel zhanba 4 wins 3 flat 8 negative, scoring 13 goals to lose 23 balls, with 15 points ranked twenty-first in the premier league. The team nearly 6 War: a negative trend ultimately wins. They play 0 home court than 1 relegation rivals Wigan Athletic lore, currently only 1 points ahead of the relegation zone. The two sides against the history of 6 times, 4 wins and 2 losses newcastle. The recent two round fights in the 20132014 season in the Premier League, that season 3 than 0, Newcastle home court away 2 to 1 beat opponents. The disk, chupan the let a ball low water dish (0.78 ball 1.15) by injection, since has risen to a ball ball half high water (1.08 a ball ball half 0.82). The compensate, chupan by injection 1.44-4.33-7.00, since negative odds were raised to 4.75, 8. Combined with the strength and status of the two sides, basically in line with such a deep dish. The Newcastle has recently achieved 7 victories in all competitions, and scored 21 goals, averaging 3 goals, the offense is very strong. Cardiff city state recently rebounded, nearly 4 games 2 win, but the battle Newcastle St Jam es’s Park stadium, is estimated to lose can hardly be avoided. Combined with color index 1.32-4.30-7.20, basically in line with the sub index, the home team advantage. SMG Shengping Fu recommended home team wins. (Tuo Pu)相关的主题文章: