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Wine-Spirits Executive Summary The report titled "Indian Wine Market Outlook to 2015 Surging Demand by Women" provides a comprehensive analysis on Indian wine market. The future projections are presented for the base case, conservative case and aggressive case scenario providing an insight on the prospects in the Indian wine industry. Over the past 5 years, wine consumption has grown at a rapid pace except in FY2009. In 2009, the wine industry suffered a drastic slowdown due to the global economic crisis, inflation, poor monsoon in Mumbai, Government Taxes and November 26, 2008 terrorist attack on Mumbai. Wine consumption has grown at a stupendous CAGR of 25.1% in the last 5 years from consumption of 0.62 million in FY2005 to ~ million cases in FY2010. The per capita consumption of wine was ~ milliliters in FY2010 which has grown at a CAGR of 23.2%. Red wine is the most consumed type of wine in India. It accounts for more than half, i.e. ~% of the total wine consumed in India. White wine is also following it closely, and is positioned as the second most consumed wine in India with a consumption share of ~%. Sparkling wine or champagne is the third largest wine segment with the wine consumption accounting for ~% in India. Champagne consumption has mostly been limited due to the perception and positioning as a celebration or a special occasion drink. Mumbai is the largest wine consuming place accounting for ~% of the total wine consumption in India. This is due to high population, increasing parties and social events, presence of elite people and Bollywood stars, rise in hotels businesses and increasing restaurants. Delhi is the second largest wine consuming city accounting for more than ~% wine sales in India. The Indian Wine industry is dominated by domestic players. The main players include Chateau Indage, Sula Vineyards and Grover Vineyards. They contribute ~%, ~%, ~% respectively in the domestic premium segment in FY2010. These companies have several brands under their portfolio, offering several imported and exotic wines. Wine industry can achieve a supernormal growth by increasing the quality and standard of wine produced, spreading awareness, proper positioning, improved branding and promotion and assistance from government and wine boards in the form of favorable policies and subsidies. Key Topics Covered in the Report: 1The market size of Indian wine industry on the basis of consumption and per capita consumption 2Government regulations affecting the alcoholic beverage and wine market 3Market segmentation of the Indian wine market 4Recent trends and developments in the industry 5Competitive landscape of the various players operating in the country 6Company profiles of leading players in wine market 7Future outlook on the basis of assumed scenarios i.e. base case, worst case and aggressive case on wine consumption and per capita consumption in India, from 2011-2015 For more information please refer to the below mentioned link: ..ammindpower../report.php?A=218 About the Author: We gather information from a wide range of sources using advanced information management tools, sophisticated analytical systems and methodologies and dedicated professional client services. 相关的主题文章: