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Huang Yi launched the "Yi real fund" is fat but the heart is more powerful at the Sohu Huang Yi entertainment launched the "Yi Dynamic Fund" Huang Yi laugh is fat but the heart is more powerful entertainment Sohu (ShangHai Railway Station Ma Rongling photo) in September 6th, Huang Yizai announced the "Shanghai Yi Fund – China real happiness example strength" action to start, continue to poor school built one hundred seat playground. During the interview, Huang Yi said the family problems once to their own life brings a lot of confusion, but now their more mature, "although there are fat, but my heart is strong." Many years ago, Huang Yiyi launched a personal identity David dynamic sports fund public action, in Qinghai, Hebei and other places of Yunnan, Shandong’s primary and middle schools in poor areas to build the green playground, improve sports facilities. From playing, jumping Huang Yi hopes to make their own efforts for children in poor areas can enjoy the fun of sports to bring equality. Charity dinner in the evening, "Yi move funds raised 739000 yuan. Family problems once let Huang Yi career and life into the trough, she felt a lot of said: "when I was a few years ago suffered some setbacks, the bottom of life, the fund also because of me and stagnant. But this time I am mature, although there are fat, but my heart is strong." What is the strength of Huang Yiyue’s courage? Huang Yi said: "love and patience to change me, everyone said patience is a sign of weakness, but I think patience is an invisible force, let me learn to bear to take charge, and will be a kind of wisdom in the patience of middle school, let me Huang Yiyue Yuecuoyueyong, the strength of my heart is rising. A lot of people say, why don’t you explain, but a lot of people need more help, more terrible things happen, we can’t control. I want to say here, I want to start again, let the real funds go farther." In the year when Huang Yi in the teeth of the storm, micro-blog issued a document to encourage yourself, she also wants to be the daughter of an example. But it is the word "example" attracted overwhelming online condemning, now mention the sensitive words, Huang Yi said: "but the two words that I never gave up, I also thank I did not give up their own, since this love let me down, let me this little love becomes large love, dedication to others."   相关的主题文章: