How to save the six grades in the use of those rotten words coinwatch

How to save the six grades in the use of those rotten words? Six levels of composition         the examination room, how to stand out in many of the six level composition answer card? Of course, not only by writing back the template it is a natural need to fight a lone battle, flash words! But often the reality, the same 10 Fen words will appear in a variety of articles… At this time, how can we save the same style?           one of the many words with rotten:           a reference to "many", the first time the countless shoes in his mind a word: " many" and then, marking the teacher there as a thousand million beasts rushing past junior high school, vocabulary used to fool me!           therefore, in order to avoid marking the teacher’s anger, we can replace the following words.             NO.1:numerous words       Scientific development meant the growth. Of numerous professions ancillary to medicine.         development of science and technology means that many medical derived occupation growth.           NO.2:a host of words         The new e-books will include. A host of Rough Guide titles.         new e-books will include a concise guide.           NO.3:a multitude of words         There are a multitude of. Small quiet roads to cycle along.         a quiet path can ride a lot.               &nbs相关的主题文章: