How Shailesh Dash is Helping Investors Make the Most of MENA

Many of the world’s most highly developed economies are slowing down. With population growth tapering off and consumer spending stagnant, quite a few of the world’s richest nations are looking like less-attractive targets for investors.

At the same time, countries elsewhere are often making strong cases for their own merits and potential. Investors who got in early on the boom that has taken Southeast Asia so high in recent decades, for instance, often became extremely wealthy in the process. With professionals like Shailesh Dash offering entree to the Middle East and North Africa regions, or MENA, a striking new opportunity has become available.

More Potential Than Just About Anywhere Else

Compared to many other places where investors have focused over the years, MENA remains a region where a vast amount of potential is still very much in evidence. Significant development has helped make Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam less interesting to many investors, and the same has happened across much of South Asia, as well.

In MENA, on the other hand, a unique combination of features has helped keep the door of opportunity open for a lot longer. With vast amounts of wealth derived from petroleum extraction providing plenty of upward motivation, the region is a place where a brisk pace of economic development far into the future is almost assured.

The Right Focus Will Make Results a Lot More Likely

At the same time, investors who focus on the right industries can be confident of doing quite a bit better than average. Investment companies like Al Masah Capital help their clients become involved in areas like:

  • Education. With aspirations that no other region can match, MENA is a place ripe for an explosion in the education industry. Although well-heeled residents have formerly gone abroad for their advanced education, improving the infrastructure at home has recently become a priority.
  • Healthcare. Wealth and ambition allow medical services and interventions that help extend lives. Many investors have come to believe that the healthcare industry will be one of MENA’s most vital in the years to come.

For investors who look for opportunities in these areas and a number of others, MENA can easily seem like one of the most attractive targets of all. Having the right kind of counsel to rely upon can make impressive returns even more likely.