How Shailesh Dash Guides Investors

The average individual investor or small to mid-sized company that wanted to increase their wealth were historically more likely to put their funds into stocks or bonds. In fact, they were often prohibited from accessing alternative investments like hedge funds, managed futures and derivatives. That has changed today as a recent study revealed that nearly 70 percent of investors were now using these methods.

Why are more investors choosing alternative options?

Alternative investments in a diversified portfolio typically increase returns without substantially raising risk. This is, of course, reliant on the investor choosing wisely where they place their money. Advisory services offer this type of information to their clients and they help their clients to determine what investments match the level of risk the client is comfortable taking.

What are investment advisory services?

An investment advisory service is a financial consulting firm that aids their clients in choosing sensible investments. They are experts in understanding the marketplace and what offers the most growth potential. They are knowledgeable of regional or global shifts and are able to provide their clients with the insight necessary to make smart choices. They can directly manage a portfolio or give general advice about the options currently available.

How do investors choose the right advisor?

It is important to select companies that are experienced with the region where the investment will take place and are comfortable working with specific clients. Al Masah Capital Limited, for example, is one of the fastest growing businesses of their type across Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. The company consistently works with businesses and individuals to help improve the return on their regional investments. They were founded by their CEO shailesh dash in 2010. His work experience includes over two decades of alternative investment management.

Alternative investments are not necessarily the right option for everyone. The best candidates are those that want more diversification of their portfolio, fully understand the risks and are interested in long-term investing. There are potentially substantial benefits and returns possible with this method when investments are chosen wisely. Anyone wishing to expand their investment options should contact an advisory service to learn more about how this decision could affect them.