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Language Learning a new language is a great way to keep your mind active and explore everything a different culture has to offer. But for many the challenge can be daunting and unfortunately, the majority of adults who start to learn a new language, do not actually master it. The problem is the learning system. This is where rocket French can really inspire you to succeed. The old school methods of learning are a thing of the past. The revolution is here. Call and response has been proven ineffective. The evidence is right there, with only a small percentage of people who learnt a new language in school still speaking it. The key to solid and positive learning is engaging interaction. Simple repetition is not enough for a student to progress. This program takes advantage of the multimedia options available. There are audio and visual lessons that put you, the student, in real life situations. Actually being put in a scenario where you have to improvise and dig deep for what knowledge you have can ingrain the information into your brain far more effectively. All situations are covered. Ranging from the harmless flirt to the family meeting. Most of us are too busy to take on the additional responsibility of attending a school. It is perfect to have a school on a set of DVD’s that are available to play whenever the time arises. This should not be seen as an easy way to learn French. The fact is that there is no fast track. This new way of .municating is going to take your .mitment and patience. But the rewards are huge. Finally you will be able to visit Paris and order a wonderful meal, or pass on directions using flawless dialect. The program does not simply teach you the vocabulary. It makes learning fun. There are facts about the culture, games and quizzes about what you have learnt as well as general information. The idea is simple. Put the excitement back into learning. It is all about keeping you active and involved. The program is designed with the average span of attention in mind. Lessons are short, fresh and to the point. They can be revisited, paused and watched again until everything is perfect. There is also a lifetime membership. So you can learn for as long as you need to. There is no expiry date. You cannot fall behind the others in the class, because you are the class. There is personal support, should you need it and technical support if you are having trouble navigating around the program. It is reassuring to know that you have this for the duration of your learning and even beyond, should you choose to revisit. Rocket French is advisable no matter what your skill level. It is an effective way to brush up on a vocabulary you have not spoken for years. Or it can help you achieve the personal goal of being able to learn and speak a .pletely new dialect. 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