How many people are listening to the old band (video)

The zero band to send the new designed and many people listen to the old band [Abstract] for the zero band song style and musical quality consistent from beginning to end, the scene of the fans said: "zero or the taste, listening is a feeling to zero". Finally in the classic song "believe in yourself", the atmosphere of the whole conference has been pushed to the climax. The zero band "believe" Tencent entertainment news August 24th afternoon, the zero band in Beijing held the theme of "I love you" conference, announced the signing of a new agency "," East Asian stars and officially released the band in 27 years of the tenth album "I love you" this. The press conference, the new "stars" of the East Asian brokerage company responsible person Mr. Li Long for the five members of the band were sent to a special meaning gift, watch, and jointly launched the "zero" of the ceremony. He talked about the "singer" behind the new album a bit, and invited fans always support the zero band together to thank them for Hot pot K rinse, has been on the love and stick to zero. In the conference, the zero band at the scene also sing the new album’s three hit song "I love you", "the desire to pay", "sing a song to all my friends", so the scene of the guests and media friends hooked. For zero band consistent love song style and music quality, there are fans said: "or the taste of the zero, listen to the zero point of the song to listen to is a feeling". Finally, in the zero band of a classic song "believe in yourself", the whole atmosphere of the conference site has been pushed to the climax. The final chapter of the love Trilogy "I love you" simply for love song zero band 2016 album "I love you", with a total of 9 first created a new pop rock song, the band is a tenth album in 27 years, is "love me", "love you", "I love you" love trilogy of the final chapter. Across time and space, love change, I still love you, here forever. On the theme, the whole album presents a kind of "night" atmosphere, but the darkness is bright. There are urban comers at midnight presumptuous, ambiguous and dangerous atmosphere, to expose the angry and cry the moment light strange situation, miss but can’t see the love of the tangle of heartache, but not life does not stop the positive energy inspirational dream…… This is an album that is not covered, it wants to record and convey, perhaps only music, so simple and rude. Along with the album, "I love you" is the zero band tenth album, the band is also zero efforts, most production team the most international of a work – invited famous musicians, American drummer will Calhoun, the famous Korean music by Yan, domestic famous musicians close co produced every day, a famous American artist Wyn Davis to complete the mixing stage, original + multinational production, reflects the zero band in music is diligently enterprising spirit, and he penned the singer songwriting most of the album. "I still love you" continuation of "zero" love song style Almighty hard strength:相关的主题文章: