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Hot friends LOL can live long can also play at least 15 years? "Hero alliance" of the game can live long, 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? Fnatic "hero alliance" division chief coach Deilor said in Fnatic’s latest book: "I honestly don’t think that League of Legends will be here in 20 years. (I don’t think that 20 years later, LOL is still)" caused a heated discussion of foreign users. "The competitive environment will continue to expand, but it will not always be the same. You see star 2, a long time ago very popular, many players, but now very few. "Counter Strike" and "Dota" are still popular, but the new version is popular (CS:GO, Dota2)." Deilor continued: "I guess heroes League 2" is the next step to keep the heat, but considering that LOL has been constantly updated, I don’t know if it will be done. If LOL is still as hot as it is 20 years later, it will be awesome. This requires the support of advanced technology (all games will become his slaves), and now the LOL obviously not." Fnatic’s chief gaming officer, Patrik, believes that "the League of heroes" may have reached a peak in popularity, but has been successful for years. British electronic sports news rumors, the fist game is being developed in the game, there may be five separate new game. In 2013, an unreleased card game was leaked last year, suggesting that the fist is developing new games. If you compare the "Heroes League" with another big computer game, World of Warcraft, wow’s paid subscribers will reach the top in 2010, about twelve million. In 2015, a decrease of about five million, according to reports, is now about $ten million. These are the "World of Warcraft" health data for nearly 12 years, the League of heroes has been for over 7 years. So it seems impossible to live forever. Comment: there is a game where lived so long? Nintendo’s super Mario brothers! LOL is now more popular than before, if no longer popular after 5 years, I will eat breakfast burrito. 5 years later, I must remind you that I can be strong for 15 years. We are still crazy to learn new technologies, it will be easy to develop. The star is almost closed. I think, in front of 60K+’s League audience, I’m not going to say it’s going to die. If LOL can continue for 5-8 years is enough, the fist has been very rich, you can develop the next game. (source: swim long net)相关的主题文章: