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"Hide and seek" today released Qian Wan image changeable try "innocent adorable mother" – Sohu "hide and seek" entertainment movie release today Qian Wan as Ping Zhi Sohu entertainment news audience the long-awaited blockbuster thriller "played hide and seek" in today’s national release, the film, led by Wallace Huo Wan Qian, starring Hailu Qin. This secret trial piece played in the film by anterior, unique form of free spirits without bloody terror to great acclaim, defects in the darkness of human nature and psychological exploration to give the audience a strong sense of substitution, very thin Si fear. The strength of the actor in the film played in the film, Meng Meng Meng, the screen image of the changeable she will bring unexpected surprises to the audience. Production quality assurance "hide and seek conscience" to create a psychological suspense movie last night movie "reputation," hide and seek "director Liu Jie micro-blog said, the November 4th film" hide and seek "a collection of hundreds of people in nearly three years of efforts, called as the conscience. For a remake of the theme and questioned the voice online, the director said "the biggest difference lies in the film based on a true story, no ghosts rooted in social reality, and also not Zhuangshennonggui, it occurred in the US." In fact, before the release of the film roadshow also confirms the director of this statement, the audience screaming constantly. The plot suspense compact, rendering the atmosphere of excitement, the protagonist of life every hour and moment is threatened, you never know what will happen in the next second. Qian Wan only "normal" interpretation of the role of extreme horror in the movie "only bring warmth" hide and seek, Wan Qian as "innocent adorable mother" Zhi Ping is the only "normal people" in the film role, but also following severe obsessive-compulsive disorder husband Zhang Jiawei (Wallace Huo ornaments) and paranoia killer (Hailu Qin) after the maenad not only make the audience feel the role of fear. In the film, she has been saving the family. In the previous roadshow, 000’s role has also been called "the only audience has the role of temperature". Has always been the image of the screen of the text of the text of the first attempt to change the "naive Meng mother" role, but also to the audience how unexpected warmth? November 4th, walked into the cinema, let us "hide and seek".相关的主题文章: